A Weed FREE Garden

Well, for about 3 minutes anyway. 'Cause they keep coming back.

But to celebrate for a couple of minutes is worth it! So Yay! We finished weeding the garden! Jeremy burnt the big spots and tilled the outline of the garden so that we had an easier time getting the weeds out. It still took us about a week, but the exercise has been worth it. I'm feeling so good with this pregnancy! At least as good as one can feel while being pregnant.

Wednesday morning we finished up the outline of the garden. It only took us about 30 minutes, and the work was not very hard. We worked in assembly line fashion; Eowyn raked, Gideon hoed, and I hoed behind Gideon. When Eowyn finished raking, she ran around to the start of the line again and raked out what Gideon and I had hoed. Esmond even worked with his fireplace shovel!

Or he wandered off into the tomatoes.

Here it is! Eowyn is back there finishing up that back line.
Ahh, we can breathe again.
And here's some exciting news! We have baby plants coming up. These are either the broccoli or cabbage seeds coming up. All five lines of seeds we planted have plants coming up.
We hope these watermelon get ripe before it gets too cold, but they are growing well. We have three good sized ones.
This is our sweet potato patch. Sweet potatoes have pretty flowers. We'll be digging these treasures up soon.
Tomatoes and peppers! And some basil we keep fighting with. It wants to flower, but we want more leaves.
We're finally getting some sunny weather today (this has been a strange August here) so hopefully our tomatoes will start changing to red. We have enjoyed plenty of green tomatoes though! Fried green tomatoes are delicious.
And look at this...the celebration is done. I told you it wouldn't be long.
 Hateful weeds.

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