The future Layers

So, chickens make me nervous. They move in weird, unexpected ways, peck at you, and make a lot of hullabaloo flapping around. My parents have chickens, so I've gotten some exposure to them in the last couple of years, but I think it's because I can't anticipate what a chicken is going to do that I don't like.

My kids, on the other hand, love it. All of the things that scare me, they love. They love making the birds jump and run and flap and even catching them. They are the best chicken catchers in my whole family. We, on my side of the family, are all town folk who have moved out to the country, and are trying our hardest to turn into country folk. But the kids are much better at it than we are. We all hesitate. Makes it a bit more comical to watch us attempt to do anything farm or animal related.

(Plus, I have a slight problem with germs and dirtiness. And poop. Which I've been confronted with ever since Eowyn was born. Babies and children are pretty gross. Also beautiful and sweet, but gross none-the-less.)

But a farm must have chickens, right? And I do love fresh eggs, which Mom and Dad have been providing for us the last few years. They taste amazing, and are so much better for us. And fresh eggs come from chickens, so chickens we had to have. 
First thing, Jeremy had to build a coop. There was an existing lean-to off our garage (which isn't attached to our house), so he re-built the walls, put in some windows and a door, built some nesting boxes, and repurposed an old door frame for a roosting ladder. We haven't decided what color we'll paint it yet. He then built the goat fence around the coop, and will be adding an overhang stall in front of the coop to keep the goats in when they get bigger. He's pretty handy.
We got our chicks from a local guy who raises heritage birds (the same guy we got the guineas from). He gave us a variety of chicks, and they are all beautiful. I especially love the black with white speckles, but they do peck the most.
We got the chicks about a month after we'd gotten the guineas. but they all seem to be living well together. The chickens are much more friendly and try to get out the door, but they aren't big enough to let out yet.
We don't know what breeds he gave us, but we do have a couple of (incorrect terminology here) furry-legs that the kids love. And we don't know if we have hens and roosters or how many of each, so we'll figure that out as they get bigger. Hopefully, lots of hens and maybe one or two roosters.


  1. Congrats on the chickens! The black and white are barred rocks, feathered legs are usually Cochins, and the red ones maybe Rhode Island reds? Our roosters comb and wattles turned red quicker than the pullets! Really though, only time will tell!

    1. Thank you! I knew some of the reds are Rhode Islands, but some of the reds are looking more orange than red now. I've never heard of barred rocks, glad to have a name now!

  2. Aw what a beautiful little flock you have! This is our first year with chickens, and I dont think I ever want to NOT have them again. They started laying about a month ago, and man! It's still like Christmas every time I go out to check the coop!

    1. I can't wait until they start laying! I love having chickens too, it's so much fun. Jeremy and I could just sit and watch all the animals and kids for hours.


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