When I left off, I was talking about our CC group. Now back to my revelations on schooling this summer. We typically do three 12 week sessions, one in the fall, one in the winter, and then another in the summer. Our summer session is mostly math and reading. I don't know if this schedule will always work for our home, but it has the last few years. We need breaks after CC, but by the middle of summer break, we're ready to stay inside for a couple of hours because it's so hot outside. So we school. During the summer, I also get ready for the coming fall session. This summer, I've been doing lots of reading, and like I said, have been convicted and am willing to change accordingly. I think God is working to redeem our homeschool, and that's exciting.

I read things by Andrew Kern that got me to think about our goals for our kids. How do we want them to think? What do we want them to know? Kern says, "Our role is to prepare them to be humans, Americans, community members, family members, and virtuous persons." (source, this is a long forum topic, but if you really want to be inspired for your homeschool, read the whole thing and check out the links.) To do this, I can use language, mathematics, and perception of truth. I'll break those down, and explain what I'm doing with each of these.

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