Redeeming our garden!

We've been working! Look at the difference:

Ahh! Now we're getting somewhere. The tomatoes are even tied up properly in their tee-pees. The kids and I have been working in the mornings for about an hour each. We were SLOWLY making headway. Then Daddy came to the rescue. His schedule varies, so the mornings we were working, he was at work. But on his mid this week (which is in the middle of the day, rather than morning or night) he came and spent about 30 minutes out there with us and got so much done! Suddenly all the tomatoes were cleared (rather than the one we had gotten done). He also decided I'm not allowed to work the pick-axe anymore. Probably a good idea, and I love him for it. Later that evening, the kids and I tied up the tomatoes.
Sunday night we'll burn off the last of the weeds, and just in time too. Monday we need to plant some seeds if we're going to have a fall garden this year. Jeremy says a fall garden is much more to our speed. Weeds won't go nearly as fast.
The kids and I carted off the weeds to the woods. At least we've all been getting some good exercise. It feels so much better out there!


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