I do not have a green thumb, but I love gardening. Well, let's clarify that. I love how God works in a garden. I mean, it doesn't matter what I do, or don't do (aka: weeding), God always shows up to do His work (aka: making fruit) in a garden. I think He must love gardens, and it's a sacred meeting place to Him.

But I always fail. I don't keep up with the weeding, and I don't spend enough time out there getting the bugs off, watering, and mostly weeding. I've done better before, but this year I am pregnant again, and the first trimester really knocks me off my feet. By the time I started feeling better, the weeds were already taking over, and I had to take care of the disaster of a house before I could move outside. Then all the other jobs that were put off during the first trimester. So my pitiful garden that God has been moving around in was not very well taken care of. God grew plenty of zucchinis for our zucchini bread though, and the sweet potatoes are finally taking off. I'm not sure what's going on under them though. I'm not sure if we'll get any peppers, and as for the worst guilt-inducing tomato plants, poor things. That's all I can say about that. The kids and I are now valiantly fighting the weeds back; hacking, whacking, pulling, and raking. I even saw Eowyn using a hammer today. Maybe we'll get the weeds back enough to throw out our fall garden seeds before it's too late. I really don't want to put the pictures of my failure up, but here goes some honesty.

It's very embarrassing, but there it is. And what's worse is, it's a lot better than it used to be! We've worked a couple of hours on it already, and Jeremy ran over some of the worst sections with the lawn mower that didn't have any vegetables or fruit growing. We'll burn those sections and start over. The Lord is still good and provides, even when we don't meet Him. 


  1. Every year that I'm pregnant, I wind up on bedrest and the hubs winds up doing most of the garden work--good thing I married a farmer, eh? That being said, I think you're doing awesome! You mulched it looks like, which I rarely do.
    I rotate my crops each year, but I always make sure to put them at a slant. They each have a trough around them, and a channel to the next one. I put a hose from the water source to the top of the slant. The water just goes along the channel from plant to plant. Nothing else gets wet, ergo, I don't get weeds anywhere else unless it rains (RARELY happens). I have a stirrup hoe (the best garden tool EVER) to get any strays. So...I rarely mulch, and only have to go move the hose to the next row in an hour or whatever. It's much less work than most people realize. mowed! I never get that done. It looks great.

    1. That makes me feel better! Being pregnant is hard. We did mulch, I read somewhere about how it keeps the weeds away...I guess if you are diligent about catching the baby weeds, it works?! That is a brilliant idea about the trenches! Our garden area is slanted already on a slight hill, but we do usually get plenty of rain and rarely have to water. We have one of those stirrup hoes too! Glad to know I'm at least on the right track. Thanks for your encouragement!


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