The Blessing of Rain

The weather here has been hot and dry. The kids and I have been watching and noticing. The corn has been spiky and the leaves were curling a bit. The grass was crunchy to step on. We don't have a garden yet, but being that we're surrounded by farmland and depending on the grass in our field to feed our animals, we are aware that we need rain.

Black Mastitis

So I'm trying to figure out what happened. We were going along just fine. Gideon was able to take care of the animals and everyone was good, healthy, and we didn't have any problems. I think we were a bit complacent.

We Did a Thing

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

We're in love. And a little in over our heads.

Frustrating Times and the School Room

You know what happens about 4 months postpartum? I've decided to call it the frustration of the 4th month.

Weekend Work

We had a productive weekend! Friday evening Jeremy brought home a friend's dingo, and by Sunday evening we were finishing up our front walkway.

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