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A Dress and A Shirt!

(This was done and written before Noemi was born. I just didn't get the pictures added until now. Oops!)

I found this lovely and cute pattern on Pinterest and wanted to try it for each girl. (Cute blog too!) I used the blue plaid that was one of Jeremy's button-up shirts for Eowyn's with an old knit shirt of mine for the lining. And then I used the blue floral for the baby's new dress. I modified the pattern for each slightly, but I think they both came out really cute!

Sew a Dress ~ A Short Tutorial

Hello! As I said earlier, I've been nesting, and by nesting I mean I've been sewing things we don't really need.

Well, both girls (hopefully this baby is a girl, otherwise I'm going to have some explaining to do one day!) do need some fall dresses, so that's kind of what I've been working on.

I made a shirt!

Actually, a tunic, but I'm so glad it worked out! I love it when that happens. Sunday we spent the day at home doing exactly what each of us wanted to do. It was a wonderful day, full of games, playing outside, movies, and for me, sewing! Loosely using this tutorial that I found on Pinterest, I sewed up a new tunic for Eowyn in just a couple of hours. She and I have been working on her fall wardrobe, and we're trying to make several pieces. We're using things we have on hand, so we haven't spent any money yet. Hopefully, we'll have a couple of dresses, shirts, and skirts for her fall outfits before fall gets here.

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