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First Day of Classical Conversations!

Our first day back with our group was wonderful. We actually made it on time! Maybe this year I won't be chronically late. Jeremy was home to help us get out the door, and I told him we had to be there 15 minutes before we did. So he made it happen! We were still the last ones to get there, but we were early enough to visit and put our things away before the opening session.

A Taste of God's Heart

Esmond is my love. He is so cute, and such a grace-gift for us. I can't believe God blessed us with him.

Kids can Dig

If you read this post, you've heard a small rant about "kids being kids." I'm still trying to figure out how to combat this. Kids aren't being raised to be kids; they are being raised to be adults, with responsibilities, and capabilities. And my getting frustrated with them doesn't actually help the situation. What can I teach them to do though? What responsibilities can I give them?

Weedin' and Plantin'...and Thinkin'

Right after my last post on the garden, it started raining. It was a lot of rain, good for the plants and weeds. And it also soaked everything down so well, we haven't been able to burn the weeds back yet. But we're still working on it! The kids and I have been weed-eating and weeding every morning, trying to keep the weeds low enough to burn once it dries out and Jeremy has an afternoon off.

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