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Having Fun in an Angry World

Facebook was something else in 2016! I watched in fascination. It's been awful, ugly, and raw.

Having fun instead

In other news, I started playing soccer on Sundays with a group of women that I don't know. For the first game, we all timidly came to the field, hoping that we could play again like we used to. Some brought their babies and husbands, some snuck away from home leaving their families to fend for themselves for an hour or two.

Forming a Food Community

It's all well and good to talk about eating good foods, right? We also need to do something about it. We need to actually start eating those good foods.

Understanding Fertility

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When Jeremy and I got married, I was on birth control. You know, the kind that wreaks havoc on your hormones and emotions and body. I was on it for about 10 months before Jeremy and I decided it wasn't working for us.

God Food, Good Food

I am, have been, and will be, trying to define our diet. I hesitate to even name it because I'm leaning toward calling it food. But perhaps that's not so well defined these days? Especially when you look at all the available diets.


The blog has been kind of quiet lately, although I'm sure nobody has noticed. But we've been adjusting; I guess that's the word. Life throws adjustments at you, and you gotta take the time to adjust!

Cake Stand Cake

Make sure you check out the bottom of this post to find out how you can make amazing cakes too!

Y'all. I did it.

Garden Eating ~ Eowyn's Scrambled Eggs

Eowyn is usually left inside with the two littles while Gideon and I head outside to milk the goats. Sometimes, she'll decide to make some breakfast. She likes cooking, and the littles will watch a Puffin Rock or Sarah and Duck on Netflix. Usually, it's simple. Like oatmeal, or boiled eggs. But then the other day, I told her she could make some scrambled eggs with onions and spinach from the garden. She loved this idea!

Simplifying House Chores

Chores outside are fun, and everyone in my house fights over who gets to do them, but indoor chores are not met with the same enthusiasm. Mostly because there aren't any crazy chickens trying to land on your shoulders while you're making the bed.

The Day Between

Being Real Goes Both Ways

Every once in a while, I get a wild hair to write about something that weighs on my heart. It doesn't happen often, but it is nice to have an outlet to let the words go out into the world. This is one of those times, so if you only come for the homesteading news, bear with me!

How to Use Cloth Diapers like Your Life Doesn't Depend on It

Sorry, that's a really long title there, but there are several things I want to cover in this post, and that kind of encompasses all of them. Let's begin!

Top Ten Posts for 2015

2015 was a good year for us, with plenty of ups and downs, changes in plans, blessings and stressings. I fell twice, which I am not happy about (don't laugh like my husband did, I got all bruised up and made awful noises on the way down).

20 More Useful Christmas Gifts

I'll just die clean

I've been trying to quit using commercial products in the bathroom for about a year now. Which means no shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, or toothpaste from the store. Which means right now I feel like I'm making my life harder than it needs to be.

Graceful Parenting

Sometimes I think I give my kids too much grace.

Or maybe I have a skewed understanding of grace. Maybe we all do.

Coconut Oil to the Rescue!

Poor Noemi, under all those beautiful, shaggy locks of hair, she had cradle cap. Each of my babies had it, actually. But they've also all had a lot of hair, so it's always covered up. It bothers them, though. Noemi's head was itchy.

A Year's Meal Planner ~ Free for Subscribers!

You know, the only problem I have with the foods I put up and preserve is that I deem them too expensive. Bear with me.


Spring Cleaning is happening here on the homestead. The spiderwebs are being brushed away, the windows are being cleaned, the mattresses flipped, the bedding washed, the slipcovers washed, the cabinets organized, the clothes switched, the carpets vacuumed. I'm even washing the pillows.

Simplifying Kids' Clothes

Back story: About twice a year, my Mom and I head to the Christian Ministries here and buy the kids' seasonal clothes. It's only a $1 per item there. I also don't have to worry about those clothes, making sure the kids don't get them dirty, etc. Those $1 clothes are for playing and living, they don't have to be perfect.

DIY Simply Cleaning

Ok y'all. I'm going to go ahead and say it. I don't like cleaning. I hate cleaning in fact. I'm not very good at it, and it stresses me out. I would much rather build a new bathroom every week than clean ours. And if you talk to anyone in my (very judgmental) family, they will tell you that my house is usually a mess.