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Weekend Work

We had a productive weekend! Friday evening Jeremy brought home a friend's dingo, and by Sunday evening we were finishing up our front walkway.

When we bought our house, which was 2 years ago this month, there was a fence around a brick patio area in the back. The fence and patio had to be moved so that the plumbers could put in the plumbing for our bathroom. So we decided to use those bricks in the front of the house as a walkway.

The boys had brought them around to the front, but that was last summer. The bricks made great blocks for the boys to play with, so there were chimneys, fire pits, pathways all over the yard. So if you need something for your boys to play with outside that won't get ruined in the weather, buy some bricks!

It's only a problem when you need to mow the grass. But then the boys come in handy again. I'm only slightly kidding. The bricks were fun, it was kind of like real, hard work for the boys. They were the perfect outdoor toys for our boys.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, well the bricks had been played with for the past few months, but Jeremy had finally brought the dingo. The front path to the porch was a muddy mess every time it rained, and we've had a lot of rain and so much mud this year. Jeremy gets grumpy when it's tracked into the house (I'm not sure how we were supposed to not track it in?), so we needed a walkway out of the mud. The first thing we did was to string off and measure where we wanted this walkway.

Jeremy dug out the ground a bit so that the bricks would lay level. The boys, particularly Esmond, loved this part and were very willing to cart the dirt around. Esmond used his Tonka dump truck. Gideon used the wheelbarrel. (Gideon is almost as tall as me and has started taking care of me. He makes sure to carry anything heavy that I'm trying to carry. He holds doors for me. He's such a sweetie. He's big enough to use the real tools.)

I keep getting sidetracked! So while Jeremy and the boys were moving dirt around, I had a few minutes since Elinor was taking one of her rare long naps. I never know when those are going to happen. I had a nightstand for Esmond that needed to be painted. I've had it and the paint for a few weeks now, so I quickly set that up. I lightly sanded it, painted the first coat, which dried quickly in the wind. So I waited a few minutes and painted the second coat, and then did the same for the third coat. I figured it would be weeks again before I would have another opportunity and it's for the boys' room where I know it will get messed up even if I did take my time on it. So! I checked that one off my list.

On Saturday, Jeremy ran to Lowes and bought a 900-pound bag of sand for $50. I tried to move it when he got home just to see if I could.

I could not.

He spread some of that sand over the walkway so that we could work the bricks into the sand and make them a little bit more level. Jeremy and I had picked out our brick pattern using Pinterest. So all that was left was laying the brick out.

We had to be careful about following the strings because it's easy to go curvy. We love the look of the old bricks. We think these bricks were originally part of a chimney in the kitchen. Part of the chimney is still up in our attic, that's how we know there was a fireplace in the kitchen. Most of the mortar had already been scraped off since these were used for the back patio.

We got about halfway done on Saturday evening. And Sunday afternoon we used up the rest of our bricks. Jeremy had to run back to Lowes to get about 300 more bricks. (Which was $100 I didn't want to spend. We have some to return to Lowes, so we'll get some of that back though.) The new bricks have a flat side and a beveled side, so we laid them flat side up so that they would look more like the old bricks.

We worked and swept sand into the bricks like grout. We finished after dark on Sunday night and now we have a lovely walkway up to our broken porch. One step at a time! I think that this walkway is the only thing in the house that we actually have finished.

Baby Essentials

I have a few new things and a few old things that I love and wanted to share. Babies don't need a ton of things, but some make life a little easier.

The Living Room

We got the living room cleaned up after Christmas and I found a beautiful, big, new-to-us rug, so I snapped some pictures while it looked like people don't live here.

Christmas Pictures...

I love Christmas pictures. I mean, it's only the second most stressful thing, right? Ha!

Broken Babies and The Glorious God

We made it out alive, both of us. She lived through the whole pregnancy and we both survived the birth. Both reasons to praise because neither felt guaranteed.

Some parts....

Some parts of my bathroom look like this:

A Quick Update in Pictures

We've been working, but it's slow and not very exciting so far. And it's really hard to see what all we've done, but last weekend I realized we only have 15 weeks until the baby is due. (I honestly don't think I've been preparing for a baby to actually come, so it was a bit of a shock to me.) But I figured I could share some of the pictures!

Building Built-ins

Oh, this is fun to share! The new bookshelves are built!

It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, but Jeremy did help quite a bit. If it had all been left to me, we'd still be waiting.

Working on the House

Work has begun again on this old house! And it feels so good!

A Honey-Do List for Upstairs

The kids need to move upstairs, y'all. Not only do they need their own rooms (all three are in one downstairs, and Noemi is in our room), but I need my own room! We need the space too. We're all tired of being cramped downstairs. So we've been working upstairs and it's progressing quickly on Jeremy's side of things and slowly (so, so slowly) on my side.

Living in the Room

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I was sitting in the living room looking at the peach walls and trying to wrap my head around Christmas decorations. In the bright peach room. And it made me almost want to cry.

The Idealist without Ideals

The Floors

We've made some progress in the last couple of weeks! The flat of land for the barn is ready and we even have the post holes dug. The kitchen has a new (to us) oven that does not smell like burning rats when it is cooking. Jeremy has even caught a couple of rats in all his many traps.

We are in a mess!


The Master Bedroom's Walls

We are slowly making progress on the master bedroom. The master bathroom still looks like a gutted room. But I have to trust Jeremy because this is how he works. He takes forever to figure out how to do something, and then finally does it really quickly.

The Master Bedroom's Ceiling

So while Jeremy has been taking apart the mudroom/bathroom, I've been slowly plugging away at our bedroom. I'm finally on the other side of the messiness, and it's starting to clean up a little. (And then I find one more thing to caulk!)

Bathroom Plans

The fun part of putting in a new bathroom is the decorating. Also, this is stressful. Especially when two people are decorating who have drastically different tastes. I love Jeremy, and he is very, very good at balancing me out, but we do not have the same taste in decor at all.

This is both good for us and hard for us. It teaches us to compromise and well, then we actually have to compromise.

Still Demolishing

So "Demo Day" is misleading. It's more like Demo Weeks. And the Fixer Upper show just shows the fun parts, the boys have been pretty appalled at the mess that they have to clean up after the fun.

But, boy, have they had fun during the demo.

First Demo Days

We worked on our new old house last weekend! Let me tell you, this house remodel is going to help our marriage in BIG ways. At least, that's what I'm hoping. Because the decisions we have to make together are LIFE THREATENING. Like, what color to paint the wainscoting that we are possibly going to put up in the new bathroom.

Compromise is tough, y'all.

The Floor Plans

I started writing about the things we got done this weekend on the house, but I realized I needed to share the plans first so you can see where I'm going. We've got a lot to do! (Here's the news about our new homestead, in case you missed it!)

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