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Moving Animals

I kind of figured moving the goats over was going to be interesting. They did fine, but it was a little difficult getting the goats into the truck. And then, of course, they also didn't want to get out of the truck either. Goats.

Ding Dong The Barn is DONE!

Such a relief! The barn is done. We can finish moving everything over, including the animals and we won't be stretched between two places anymore! Praise be to the Lord!

In Which We Dropped a Truss

On Jeremy's last day off, we spent the day working on the barn. Jeremy has been planning it for a while now, and the week before we had finally put up the posts. They had to dry in their concrete for a week before we could do anything else to the barn. We worked on the fence while we were waiting.

But then it was time to start the roof. So we got to work.

Well, actually, Jeremy got to work. There was a lot of work to do to get ready for putting up the beams and trusses. He had to measure everything, trim off the tops of the posts, measure everything. Then he notched the posts so that we could set the beam up there. And then he measured everything again.

I didn't really have much to do, and he kept laughing at me. He only needed me for the heavy lifting. So I would help put up a beam. I even screwed some of them in, but he got a little testy when I dropped the screws (4 or 5 times in a row).

One screw, in particular, gave me some trouble. He said, "I'm gonna tell you what my Dad told me. Think of these screws as bullets. And you are in a safari ...." And yada, yada. I quit listening at that point. And then dropped the screw again. (But from then on, anytime he dropped something that I had to pick up, I would say, "I'm gonna tell you what you told me that your dad told you...")

These posts are about 10 feet up. It gets a little scary up that high on a wobbly ladder. But I did it. He laughed at me whenever I would say things like,

"You know, I burn really easily. I need to get back in the shade as quickly as I can." (This is a picture of my chair.)

Or, "I need a snack."

Or, "I'm bored."

Or, "I feel like I need a hard hat."

Or, "Look at this bug!" (I actually found several really cool looking bugs. The best one was a moss bug, it was amazing. It really was a ugb that looked like a piece of moss with legs under it.)

He was not very impressed with my work ethic. But really, he was measuring everything and I didn't have anything to do except wait. And that does get boring.

But then it was finally time to get the first truss up there. We have never done this before. But I'm up, it's the heavy lifting time! We got it up there like this:

Then we climbed our ladders and tried to flip it. That's when it fell. We flipped it, and it just kept right on going.

I'm not going to lie, we cussed a little. That thing was heavy. A lot heavier than I was expecting. Thankfully, the Lord had mercy on us and it didn't break too badly. We were able to fix it, and then it was time to try again. Ugh. This time, I didn't get the A-frame ladder (which is much sturdier). He set the truss up on one side, I climbed the wobblier ladder and held on to the truss, and he carried it up the A-frame ladder on the other side. Scared me to death, but we got up there.

And then two more that night! I'll be so relieved when we get those done. We have 13 total to do. We should be done by this weekend.

My brothers were asking Jeremy how he was doing all this by himself. He replied, "I got Jenn working." And I'm sure they all had a nice little chuckle about that.

The next day, I did bring my book so I wasn't quite so bored while he was measuring everything (again). And in between reading, we were able to get two more trusses up. Only 8 more now!

Goatlings on the Farm

I love having goatlings, they are absolutely the best! They are so cute and sweet, and they frolick everywhere they go.

The New Homestead

Y'all. It's been a weird year for us. I mean, on the first day of school, I had an appendectomy. That same week, our van died. A week later, we had to buy a new van that actually works and we love. A few weeks later Gideon had a tonsillectomy. Then a couple weeks after that, our goats were savagely attacked and two were killed. This all happened (and more) in the first two months of 2017. I was really getting worried about how the rest of the year was going to turn out.

It's been a little rough.

The Farm Animals

It's been a while since I just shared the antics and personalities of our farm animals. Let's begin with the goats.


Well, we've had some unexpected developments around our homestead.

The goats dried up.

God Food, Good Food

I am, have been, and will be, trying to define our diet. I hesitate to even name it because I'm leaning toward calling it food. But perhaps that's not so well defined these days? Especially when you look at all the available diets.


The blog has been kind of quiet lately, although I'm sure nobody has noticed. But we've been adjusting; I guess that's the word. Life throws adjustments at you, and you gotta take the time to adjust!

Wanna meet our goats?

Hey! I figured out how to record video on my camera, so I decided to show y'all the babies. They are getting so big now! (Mostly because they are greedy and try to take all of our milk!)


Every morning, I get up, gather my supplies, change into my dirty jeans and ratty shirt, and head outside. Sometimes I take Gideon, if Jeremy isn't here, or Eowyn if Jeremy is here.

So....Raw Milk

You know how I was worried about drinking raw goat milk?

Dune Fencing

Our first year with free range chickens and a fall garden wound up being a year without any fall produce. So the following spring, we found a cheap and quick way to keep the chickens out for the year.

Garden fence

Milking Prep

I am getting quite uncomfortable. I'm getting a little nervous. Ok, I am freaking out. OH MY GOODNESS. I'm going to start milking a couple of goats in the very near future.

The New Nubians

Sissy's boy, and also the only buckling. He was the first born too. The kids love him, he's a sweetie. They call him Gregor.

Our First Kidding

Is it normal to feel so raw and ragged after a goat kidding? I am exhausted, elated, and worn thin. I feel as if I've been through all the emotions of labor and delivery, but without the expected rest afterward, or the baby to sit around and nurse.

Putting Down a Floor & Moving Goats in

It's funny how fast and busy those weeks off are, isn't it? Jeremy took a week of vacation time to get some homestead work done because we were getting behind. He's working his regular full-time job, and working at Spring Lake Family Farms a lot to get that business up and running. It's going so well, but the homestead work was getting pushed to the wayside. And we needed to play catch up because we have babies coming!

Milk Fever & Mistakes

I noticed the goats' milk sacks had filled up about 2 and half weeks ago, and I also noticed that Sissy had diarrhea, but thought it would resolve itself. Since I know how irregular I am when pregnant. But then one day I went out to feed them, and Sissy was down. And she didn't get up to eat the food I brought out. I knew something was wrong then. Goats eat when there is food. So I started calling for help.

Top Ten Posts for 2015

2015 was a good year for us, with plenty of ups and downs, changes in plans, blessings and stressings. I fell twice, which I am not happy about (don't laugh like my husband did, I got all bruised up and made awful noises on the way down).

Instructions to my Mom

Hey Mom, we're going out of town to visit Jeremy's family, and, well, would you please take care of the animals for us? They won't be any trouble, I'm sure. Here's how to do it:

Firstly, you'll want to wear a jimmy jacket with the hood up. No worries! It'll just keep you a little safer...