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Planting Peas with Potatoes

According to our new Seed Schedule Calculator from Reformation Acres, we needed to plant some peas, dill, and spinach outside last week. So while Jeremy was building our new greenhouse, the kids and I planted some seeds in the garden.

The Greenhouse that Jeremy Built

Several days ago, I bought Quinn's Homestead Management Binder sheets. (They are lovely, by the way! And it's not an affiliate link!) I particularly wanted the Seed Sowing Schedule. You can customize it, so that the dates are reflective of your last frost date. I put our's in, which is April 8, and it showed...that I'm totally late.


But also, no big surprise for those who know me.

Planting Potatoes in Pajamas!

The kids and I went out to take care of the animals one morning this week, and it was so pleasant out (before this cold got here) that we stayed outside and eventually started digging holes for our potatoes. We had not gotten dressed yet because we usually do our chores in our pajamas before breakfast.


Who Done It?

This is the response I got from the chickens when I asked them. They look guilty to me!

Fall Gardening

I love fall. I love that the weather is finally cooling off. I love that my due date is finally getting closer. I can't wait for the fall foods to start rolling in. I really want to get my hands on some pumpkin this year. I can't wait for cozy fall clothes that are NOT maternity. Because soon, I won't have to wear maternity clothes any more!

I'm getting off topic.

Peppers, Cheese, and Bacon!

Our garden is making some beautiful green peppers!

On the farm this week

Here's what we've been doing.

We feed the animals, twice a day. And we did have a set back with our brilliant chicken plans. You know, how the chickens were coming in to eat at night and it was all working out so nicely? Well, the kids threw a loop in our perfection.

A Weed FREE Garden

Well, for about 3 minutes anyway. 'Cause they keep coming back.

But to celebrate for a couple of minutes is worth it! So Yay! We finished weeding the garden! Jeremy burnt the big spots and tilled the outline of the garden so that we had an easier time getting the weeds out. It still took us about a week, but the exercise has been worth it. I'm feeling so good with this pregnancy! At least as good as one can feel while being pregnant.

Weedin' and Plantin'...and Thinkin'

Right after my last post on the garden, it started raining. It was a lot of rain, good for the plants and weeds. And it also soaked everything down so well, we haven't been able to burn the weeds back yet. But we're still working on it! The kids and I have been weed-eating and weeding every morning, trying to keep the weeds low enough to burn once it dries out and Jeremy has an afternoon off.

Redeeming our garden!

We've been working! Look at the difference:


I do not have a green thumb, but I love gardening. Well, let's clarify that. I love how God works in a garden. I mean, it doesn't matter what I do, or don't do (aka: weeding), God always shows up to do His work (aka: making fruit) in a garden. I think He must love gardens, and it's a sacred meeting place to Him.

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