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How to Freeze Spinach

I learned this year that I can grow spinach. A lot of spinach. We've been eating spinach for a couple of weeks now. But we still have A LOT. And we've got peas, squash, and zucchini coming up fast, so the kids and I needed to get some of the spinach out of the way. I thought it wouldn't take long, that we would harvest it quickly and that we wouldn't have a ton. I was hoping for 10 quarts actually, so I could put one quart in each of my months of the meal planner.

Creating a Creamy Stir-Fry

I'm having one of THOSE days. You know, the kind where you think "I should not be a mother." Or, in my case, "I should not be allowed around people." I saw my Grandma today, and she listened to my woes and frustrations. At the end of it, I just said, "I'm grumpy, Grandma."

A Year's Meal Planner ~ Free for Subscribers!

You know, the only problem I have with the foods I put up and preserve is that I deem them too expensive. Bear with me.

Rooted Shepherd's Pie

I've been working on something BIG, but it's not finished yet. Well, I think it's big. I hope you will too. Gosh, what if you don't? It's just taking a little longer than I anticipated. I thought I would be able to post it today, but I can't just yet.

Anyway. In the meantime, I figured I'd share a little recipe that I absolutely love. I love this stuff so much, I eat it for dessert after I eat it for dinner. Love love love! It has everything I love in it. Mashed potatoes. Corn. Wine.

Honey Muffins

I haven't posted a recipe in a while, and the kids and I have been enjoying these muffins for breakfast. No sugar, just sweetened with applesauce and honey, this muffin is versatile enough that you can really have fun with it.
No sugar, honey muffins

Hash Browns, Jeremy's Style

So here's the dealio...Jeremy and I have two completely different methods in the kitchen. Mine is: get in, get out, use as few dishes as possible. Jeremy's is: get in, stay in, this is fun and relaxing, use everything to make it taste amazing, presentation is key.

Winning at Biscuits

The past few months Jeremy has been trying to develop the perfect biscuit recipe. He's a fantastic cook, he can grill melt in your mouth foods, but baking does not seem to be his strong suit. And he was shocked the other day when I made up this recipe. He's been waiting and asking me to write the post with the recipe for him ever since.

Fancy Corn Chowder

So what do you have to blog about when you're stuck inside the house all the live long day? Not much! Other than what you're cooking. Or sewing, but I haven't finished that project yet. And we just ate this recipe, with raving reviews, so I'm passing it on to you. The toddler asked for seconds, that's how good it is. And I made it up. That's actually how I do my best cooking. Recipes are recipes for disaster for me. (I couldn't help myself, that is too funny!)
corn chowder recipe

Maple Syrup Snow Candy

If you've read many homesteading blogs, you'll notice a theme. Many of us are inspired by the Little House on the Prairie books. The way Laura Ingalls Wilder describes their lives way back when makes us declare random things like "I need a root cellar!" and "Honey, don't you think you could smoke our meat in a hollow tree?" and "Where can I find some good lard?" and "Let's get a milk cow!"

Pound Cake Recipe

Argh, we've been stuck in the house and I have nothing fun to write about. Well, this pound cake is pretty fun, but nothing to write about outside. I'm ready for some warmer weather! This ice stuff needs to go back to the North Pole.

Sourdough Pizza Crust

Who needs some sourdough pizza in their life? You do! Everyone needs homemade pizza in their life, at the very least. But with a sourdough crust? It's so good Jeremy even loves it. And that man is PICKY.

Pressure Cooker Cooking

Grandma gave Jeremy and me a pressure cooker for Christmas. It is wonderful! With the pressure cooker we've been able to have real food faster. And you when cook cheaper cuts of meat in it, it comes out fall-off-the-bone tender! (Unless it doesn't have a bone; in that case it's just really tender. That's just not as catchy though, is it?) In other words, I think it will save us a lot of money.

Zucchini Bread!

Zucchini is one of the few things I can grow. (And really, saying I can grow a few things is exaggerating. It's really one of the two things I can grow.) But, I can definitely grow it. Excessively. It might not have much to do with me actually. Zucchini is one of those things that grows over night. You check it one day and the fruit it too small to harvest, and the next day it's as big as a baseball bat. Literally.

Baked Oatmeal ~ A Recipe

Anybody run into problems thinking of something for breakfast? We love baked oatmeal around here; we have it at least once a week. It's sweet (but no refined sugar!) and filling, and pretty easy to make. I have the recipe memorized now, and it's a tweakable recipe (which I love) so you can have some fun with it!

Our First Egg!

The kids caught one of our chickens laying an egg! They have finally started giving back, and our homestead is producing some food. It's going to be so fun to add egg collecting to our daily chores. And even better to quit buying eggs.

Resurrecting Sourdough Barm

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! We certainly did. I love Thanksgiving, it really kicks off the holidays. Noemi and I are trying to get over a cold that we got from my Mom. (I just had to throw that out there because Mom feels terrible about it. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about this.)

Sweet Potato Casserole in the Crockpot

Just a quick recipe for you today!

We had an end-of-the-semester covered dish at Classical Conversations today. It was Noemi's and my first time back to CC. We had a great day, but I'm exhausted tonight!

Sourdough Pancake...Cakes!

If you have a growing batch of barm in your refrigerator that you can't keep up with, maybe you should try making some pancakes! Or use the pancake batter to make a cake of sorts.

Honey Oatmeal Cookies!

Tonight the kids and I wanted a cookie. Ok, ok...I wanted a cookie. Or two. Alright! I wanted cookies. And that's all I'm admitting.

How to Steal Honey...

Run really fast! Or send your 8 year old out to the hives looking like this:

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