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Hey y'all! Welcome to our homestead!

Here on Homesteading on Grace, we're doing just that. This blog is to chronicle our daily lives, building our farm, and trying to be good stewards of the grace God has shown us (and continues to show us!).
Jeremy and I (Jennifer) have been married 11 years now. Of course, when we first were married we ate horrible foods, got chubby together, and then started having babies. It wasn't until our second was born that I began looking into alternative diets. Gideon had severe eczema on his face and I tried everything to make it go away. But nothing worked! So I started researching, figured out it was a peanut allergy that he was getting through my breast milk. I quit eating peanut butter in large quantities (I was eating it for every breakfast, and sometimes as a snack) and started using goat milk soap to bath him. His eczema went away. This led to researching natural cleaning products, and then to whole foods. Foods that God provides, rather than foods the world provides. I started making sourdough bread and gardening.

The next turning point was after Gideon. I realized I had some pretty severe hormone imbalances when I started miscarrying. That research led me to ban soy, and soy is in everything processed, so we started cutting the processed foods out. I still have an imbalance, but I finally stayed pregnant after 3 years of trying and miscarriages. Esmond was born. His name means Grace and Protection because God gave us a grace gift and protected Esmond through the pregnancy.

Esmond has led to further research into real foods because during his delivery I was given strong antibiotics for group B strep. I believe, through the research I've done, that those antibiotics (while possibly saving his life) almost destroyed our guts. He was so sick his first year, we couldn't do anything but take antibiotic after antibiotic. We both had infections in our lungs, he had ear infections, and it was all bacterial. I think it was because the antibiotics given at delivery stripped away our good bacteria and left us high and dry, so to speak. So this research has led to probiotics, raw milk, bone broth, and fermented foods.

Almost a year after Esmond was born, Jeremy lost his job. I am a stay at home mom, so we had no income. We owned our home in town and felt that God was saying it's time to make a move. We moved out to the country, renting a house and land from my dad. We've been quickly changing it into a homestead. Jeremy first built a clothesline, then we built the garden, then I got pregnant again, and then Jeremy found another job. We started planning on how we could use this homestead to make up for lost income, like providing our vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, and even some income. We're in the process of building it, believing those will be added in time. We've wanted to live out in the country, on our own farm, for so long now and it is amazing that it is happening. What man saw as a curse when Jeremy lost his job, God saw as a blessing and we believe it is with all our hearts.

Our children are Eowyn, who is 9, Gideon, 7, and Esmond, 3. The baby is Noemi, 1 (one of my most popular posts is her birth story). I homeschool the kids while Jeremy is at work. I have a few hobbies, like sewing and learning, that I try to squeeze in when I can. Jeremy's hobbies include hunting and fishing, which helps provide some of our meat (organic and wild-caught!).

I'll be honest and say, we're hoping this blog will provide some income, so you will see affiliate links, but I won't link to anything I don't use or have. I won't sell any email addresses or names or anything like that (I wouldn't even know how actually). Everything in this blog is written and edited by me (so excuse any errors) and is all my own opinion. Which you can take or leave. I'll source any research, to show you where I'm getting my information and you can follow up with your own research. I do ask that if you use something from my site that you source it, under copyright laws.

I really appreciate everyone who visits, and hope you enjoy yourselves.

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Thanks y'all!

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