Time to Clean!


Let me tell you, life was rough for a couple of weeks around here. We ordered the washer and dryer, set a time limit for us to get the mudroom done, and got to work.

But then, the milk in our fridge kept getting warmer and warmer...and then chunky. So we had to stop mudroom work to work on that. We were in a dilemma because we could have gotten another used fridge (that one lasted 2 years) or since we are planning the kitchen remodel sometime in the future, we could have gone ahead to order the one we would have been getting anyway. We decided on the second option.

The fridge we wanted had to be ordered, so Jeremy changed the washer/dryer delivery to come when the fridge could come too. One of our good friends let us borrow a dorm fridge so we could at least keep the milk cold. Ok, back to work, right?

Right, we hung trim. We caulked and primed and painted. Then our kitchen sink started stopping up. And overflowing underneath the sink and the water came out on the feet of the dishwasher.

So we stopped work on the mudroom to fix the sink. Jeremy worked on it all day, but it was not getting fixed. He's not sure that the sink drain goes to the septic tank so it really just needs to be completely redone. But we need somewhere to wash dishes, right? So that night, Jeremy ran over to Lowes to get the utility sink for the mudroom. He got it installed that night too, so we could catch up on dishes the next day. With his faithful audience:

(I just have to tell you that while Jeremy was buying the sink, he had to call me and say, "You were right." We were arguing over getting a utility sink set (where everything came together) or getting the different pieces. I said the pieces were going to be cheaper and we'd get a bigger sink. And I was right.)

So, then my kitchen sink was in the mudroom and my dorm fridge was in the dining room, and it was getting a little difficult to live around here. And of course, I'd been so busy working on the mudroom, the laundry was piling up everywhere. But we held on.

The washer and dryer and the fridge came to save the day! They have inspired a flood of activity, washing everything in the house, mopping the kitchen floor, vacuuming all the spider webs off the ceilings. I'm starting to feel like we aren't camping anymore. It's still going to be a while before we can get to the kitchen, but in the meantime, we will get the rest of the house clean and wash all the bedding.

We got the Whirlpool front loader that has a detergent tank. So I can fill up the washer for enough detergent for 20 loads! I've gone from these:

To these beauties:

Now I'm finally feeling clean again.

I wanted a fridge without a freezer. I want a full-size fridge and a full-size freezer in the remodeled kitchen, so we got the fridge. When we do the kitchen, we'll get the matching freezer. It's huge! There's so much room! It's so white and clean!

Alright, I've got to get back to work. We're cleaning everything, we even put Elinor in the utility sink. She's so fluffy!

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