So Jeremy decided a while ago that he wanted the mudroom done by the 4th so that we could buy a washer and dryer on sale. Well, it didn't get done. A little bit, here and there, but not anything to brag about.

Then Jeremy went ahead and ordered the washer and dryer in order to give us a deadline and work like mad until it was done. They will be here on July 16th.

The ceiling was up, the walls had a little more finishing left, and the floor was blank. I wanted to find some wood floor that matched our floor. Jeremy decided he wanted tile in there. So we had a few fights about it.

He had his reasons (wetness, ease of cleaning, etc, etc. blah, blah) and I had mine (to MATCH). But I, being the bigger person, decided to try to compromise. We went to Lowes and picked out a couple of tiles to try. One was dark charcoal, and one was light grey. He liked the dark, and I didn't like either, but if we had to have tile in there, the light was better.

No good, we could not come to an agreement about which of those to use. Then I remembered that I'd seen a tile at Lowes that was on the endcap, and I had forgotten to point it out to him. It was one of those wood tiles and it looked like it would match our floor exactly.  So I mentioned that to Jeremy and he remembered seeing it too, but also had forgotten to point it out to me.

Jeremy packed up the tiles we'd bought and headed out right then to go back to Lowes. He came back and it was a perfect match. Tile that matched, now we can compromise.

We (he) got the cement board laid down the next day, and then on his day off, we (he) laid the tile. We had to wait for it to dry, and then we (yep, we this time) grouted it one afternoon. Now we have to wait till that dries and then we can finish hanging the trim, caulk everything, and paint. We have 8 days.

They drive him a little crazy, but it makes for some awesome pictures. They always want to help, and these two are like a little ol' married couple. And she's a little crazy.


Gideon documented my help, although Jeremy still did more of the washing than I did.

It looks awesome and perfectly matches the wood floors. Hopefully, we'll finish everything else in time!

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