Frustrating Times and the School Room

You know what happens about 4 months postpartum? I've decided to call it the frustration of the 4th month.

Well, I'm still working on a catchy title. But I've been feeling frustrated lately. And I remember feeling similar around this time for other babies, so I'm thinking it's a thing.

Around the fourth month after birth, I start to think I should be doing more things, getting more things done, etc. And I get a little frustrated because I can't. The baby still needs me a LOT, which isn't a bad thing. In fact, when I look at Elinor I'm amazed at how big and grown she already is. I thought the baby stage lasted so much longer. She's already grabbing things and looking at food hungrily, and moving herself around, and not being a newborn any longer. She's amazing.

But I'm still not free to do as I please, you know? I mean, I can't really start painting a room or scraping a ceiling because she needs me too much. So it's a bit frustrating at times. I'm feeling like I should feel well enough to work on things. So I should work on things. But I don't have the time yet.

It's hard to describe this time; another reason it's frustrating. Because I love nursing her, taking care of her, holding her, but she's not yet at the age where she takes longer and more predictable naps. Her nap could last an hour or it could last 5 minutes. I never know. My wiser friend told me a long time ago that it takes 6 months to get to the new normal. And this is true. I know this from experience. So I just need to be patient a little while longer. It's probably all good anyway. I don't really feel like my body is healed up and ready to go. She's probably a little frustrated too since she's trying to figure out this moving herself thing and it's hard.

All that to say, I haven't been working on the house. Jeremy and I are slow renovators. Ha! We also have the problem of money too, so it's going to be forever and a day before we get this house done. I'm ok with this.

I am! I promise.

It's all part of the sanctification process for me. The schoolroom, that I worked on so hard last summer (while huge pregnant!), still isn't done, but it is liveable and we are using it. I LOVE having so many bookshelves for all of my books. I don't like not having the bottom cabinet doors on. But those aren't built yet.

I've organized the books loosely, and I still have plenty of room for more. I have not even loosely organized the bottom cabinets yet; we just throw everything in those. The room would look so much better with doors covering up those messes. But oh well.

We have a table in here that's from my parents. It was their first table as a young married couple, so I grew up with it. We have the loveseat for comfort while we're reading. And we have a desk for the computer. I've moved everything around a few times and am still not completely satisfied with the furniture arrangement yet. I'd kind of like to get a couple more chairs in here to create a sitting area with the loveseat, but I haven't found the right ones yet.

We painted the bookshelves a medium blue. It was a compromise color. I wanted darker and Jeremy wanted lighter. I still may one day try to repaint them a darker color. But don't tell Jeremy.

I found the curtains on Ebay and I am so proud of them! I love them and they are perfect for a school room.

I found the light fixture on Wayfair for around $80, and I'm really pleased with it as well.

Jeremy found this map of our county from 1904 (I think?) and we had it printed. We were planning on making a frame for it, but I found this on Amazon and it's exactly what I wanted. So I ordered it instead. 

So that's where we are in the school room. We've been working on the back of the house and upstairs since Elinor was born. Maybe we'll come back to the school room this summer. I sure would love to get those cabinet doors on!

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