Outside is Calling

The warmer days are coming, and the sun is starting to dry up the mud, and the birds are flitting, and the bees are buzzing, and the outside world is calling.

I love spring.

I've been walking around our yard and land today. It's so beautiful here, but the beauty has been a little neglected. Same as the inside of our house. The plants are a bit overgrown. I've held Jeremy back from cutting everything back because I haven't been able to figure out a plan for all the landscaping yet. I don't want to accidentally lose something we need to keep.

But the outside is calling me, and I'm starting to dream. I really miss having a garden too, although it may be that I'm forgetting all the work that goes into a garden. I miss those fruits and vegetables though.

So I walked around and dreamed. This field is about half an acre, and it's on a bit of a hill. I've planned to put the big garden here. There are some setbacks though. I'm not sure how to design a garden on a hill, and this field is nowhere near a water source. Except for the pond, but we don't have any way of getting the pond water on the hill. Of course, it's been so wet here lately, I don't think we'd need to water a garden for a couple of years.

But then here, next to the house is a sweet little spot for a small garden plot.

And this spot in the front yard gets lots of sun too, and is nice and flat.

Hmm, lots to think about. It's going to take lots of time, money, and work to get everything the way we see it in our heads. But it's kind of funny how quickly things can get done. When I think about where we started with this house 2 years ago, I'm amazed. We've gotten a lot done! We've had lots of help, but mostly it's just the two of us working in our free time.

The kids were outside too, and Noemi showed me how she gives the goats a treat. She had all three of our girls at attention. Greedy goats.

And then the billy came over to see what all the fuss was about. So Noemi gave him a little treat too. Leeli has to watch him closely though. At least, the two of them get along pretty well now.

Have you got any garden plans? Any ideas on gardening on a hill?

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