Christmas Pictures...

I love Christmas pictures. I mean, it's only the second most stressful thing, right? Ha!

But really, I like them because of the funny shots you always get. This year, we took some quick pictures one night. The first picture wound up being the best, but we had a few funny ones I couldn't help but include.

And the Littles are almost done (after about 5 shots)...

Why do they think they can just walk away? What is that?

So Daddy told the Littles that they could have a second dessert if they would just stand still and take a nice picture. And boom! Bribery works.

He also made the Bigs laugh at the sudden attention of the Littles. Notice though, the Littles aren't moving. They are in it for that second dessert!

Ah, Gideon and his camera faces:

In the meantime, may your homes be merry and bright with the many gifts from God! And may your Christmas pictures fill you with mirth!

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