A Quick Update in Pictures

We've been working, but it's slow and not very exciting so far. And it's really hard to see what all we've done, but last weekend I realized we only have 15 weeks until the baby is due. (I honestly don't think I've been preparing for a baby to actually come, so it was a bit of a shock to me.) But I figured I could share some of the pictures!

Above, Jeremy closed in the two windows that were in the bathroom. He filled in the back wall with siding we'd saved from inside the room. We think our future bathroom was originally a back porch that was closed in some time.  Our new mudroom still has the siding walls, but we took it out of the bathroom area. Thankfully, we had just enough to cover the exterior of the house!

My job in the study (I've decided that's what we'll call the library/school room) is to sand all the bookshelves now. I've been buying stuff to put the bathroom back together, so the study had been put on hold for a couple of weeks, but now I've gotten the first rough sanding done. It doesn't look much different though.

We've gone back and forth, back and forth about the paint color for the bookshelves, and we've finally just gone ahead and bought a gallon of Slate Tile. We both like it and we're also both tired of looking for the perfect color.

Like I said, I've been shopping! I picked out our tile and the fixtures for the bathroom and mudroom. It was another long process because I have to look at all my options and then find the best price. I could have spent millions of dollars on this bathroom, but I restrained myself (or rather my credit limit did) and we've picked out this arabesque tile from Floor and Decor for the bathroom floor. It's white, just in poor lighting. I'll do more updates on the bathroom soon because Jeremy is framing out the shower today. So things are starting to be put back together!

But for now, the bathroom still looks completely unfinished. Jeremy has been working diligently on it, it's just all the stuff that goes under the walls and ceiling had to be done and it isn't very exciting. He's wired both rooms and taken care of the windows. He also replaced the window we're keeping in there. The only problem was that the window was made wrong. The store is going to fix it though. They are sending us a replacement bottom sash so we can just switch the two out. The top sash was made correctly.

The mudroom is also just coming along. We keep getting excited and start thinking we're getting close to being done, but then we have to make the list and it's still pretty long. The mudroom is all wired and pretty much ready to be put back together. We can't wait to have this room done, it's going to be wonderful to have a room to catch all the dirt before it gets spread throughout the house.

And in the final news, I'm growing right along schedule. I feel like a turtle stuck on it's back most days and have all the discomforts of pregnancy, but baby girl is moving and letting me know she's alive now. Yep, she's a girl. Both Eowyn and Noemi are thrilled and the boys have come around. In a couple more days, we'll only have 14 more weeks which doesn't seem like a lot when your house looks like the above! I've got to go sand those bookshelves now!

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