Random Graces #14!

Moments from our House

Baby Girl loves her boots. She puts them on every chance she gets, even on Sunday morning with her little dress for church.

We made monkey bread! The kids and I were craving something sweet one morning, so we mixed out our biscuit recipe and cut the dough into little pieces. We greased and floured a pound cake pan, and added layers of dough, melted butter, a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Then we baked it for 30 minutes at 425 degrees. It was delicious.

We buy toilet paper in bulk, big bulk. We get 96 rolls for $38. It's a huge box, and when we buy it, I let the kids play before we put all the rolls away. They love it.

Cool Links

The science behind gluten and sourdough: Is sourdough gluten free?

Parents who Suffer Tragedies I don't always agree with Matt Walsh, though most of what he says is true. (Most of the time I disagree with his delivery, it seems as if he's looking for persecution.) But the accident in Disney World is the very worst kind of accident, and here Matt's words ring true and right.

This one hit me. These are the sins the moms of my homeschool group sit around and lament. Fear? Yes, I can work myself into a tizzy at times. Gluttony? Apathy? Well, I don't want to confess all my sins here. 9 Sins the Church is Surprisingly OK With as Long as You Love Jesus

Monday is the last day to get the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle. If you are like me, and know there are natural ways to heal your family, but don't know how to use those natural ways, you need to get this Bundle too. There are 20 e-books and courses to teach you everything you need to know to safely use herbs and essential oils.

I hope your week is blessed!

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  1. Love your list! My kids love playing with the groceries when I bring them home. They'll pile everything sky high. They'd love to play with a giant box of TP! :)


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