Random Graces #9!

Moments from our House

This week has been another one for house cleaning. We cleaned up the outside of the house, and we still aren't quite finished. But we think it looks a whole lot nicer already.

The kids and I did some shopping for a few things to help spruce up the inside of the house too. We've had an Ikea white slipcovered couch for almost 10 years now, and needed another new slipcover (this is our third). But the new cheapest option for the couch's slipcover is a beige, instead of white. I can't decide how I feel about it. I loved the white, it gives possibility. The beige, well, it kind of just blends in. But Jeremy is thrilled. He's never liked the white. He says the beige offers contrast, which makes no sense to me. We have beige carpet, beige walls, and now a beige couch. That's not contrast, that's blending.

I also started a new planner. Have you heard of the bullet journals? Well, it's sort of like that. Except I'm not nearly so fancy. I just bought a journal sized notebook with spiral binding. I wanted to be able to open it all the way. I also bought a set of pretty pens, because, well, it's just fun. But you basically draw/write in your own planner. I'm excited about trying it for the summer. I usually fall back on a notebook for lists anyway, so this is just a little prettier.

And this face. Every time I look at him, I see myself. Well, a happier self who's more willing to smile. But this boy! Oh, this boy. He is taking the very last little bits of me. I'm thankful when I think of it, but when it's happening I want to fight it. To tell him "No, I still like myself a bit too much." But Christ wants me fully crucified of self. And so He gave me Esmond.

Cool Links

This. This just. I actually have no words. Just this. When He became a She

I found this article fascinating. It's only lacking the relationship of morality. But he comes so close, he almost touches it. Relationship and living a life crucified of self are the lasting impressions. The reasons for being a good person are weak when they are coldly examined without the relationship to God.  The Moral Bucket List

Eowyn is really taking off with her reading, and I am really having to stay on top of what she is reading. Some of the girly books do not have beautiful attitudes that I want Eowyn to exemplify. I really wish it were easier, but some of the books I've pre-read for her have been awful. I'm adding some of these books to our reading list. 12 Terrific Books for Tween Girls

Now this is pretty cool. It's like a little explosion goes off when a new baby is being formed. A Flash of Light Occurs at Moment of Conception

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