Random Graces #11!

Moments from our House

This is the reaction her big sister gets every time Eowyn tries to put her hair up in some pretty little pigtails. She must have her hair wild and free!

As we were checking the plants, and doing a little weeding, Esmond wanted his picture with a plant. But then he saw the moon...

We've had a good week, although we're having trouble with the milkings. One milking a day was hard, but overall, a pretty smooth transition. We started that about 4 weeks after the babies were born. Now we're trying to do two milkings a day, and that has not been smooth. I think it only happened once last week in fact. It took us forever to decide on a time, and we may have shot ourselves in the foot. But our family gets together for dinner a lot, so we didn't want to have to leave early or miss dinner get-togethers for the milking. So we decided on 5:30. Problem is that means the morning milkings also have to be at 5:30, and 5:30 in the morning is pretty dang early. I think I only got up that early once last week.

But I do have an excuse, sort of. I hurt my toe falling and had trouble walking for a couple of days. But after I soaked it in some witch hazel it started feeling a lot better. Anyway, that's our week, what was your week like?

Cool Links

This week of internet reading has been a smorgasbord. We've been dealing with dental problems, and I've been trying to research the best practices to prevent them, and also looking for a more holistic dentist. Still trying to decide how to deal with that. I feel like I'm going to the OBs all over again. I'd like to find a midwife/dentist. Anyway, this neurobiologist has several fascinating posts about dental health. This one talks about a study done in 1976 that involved twin girls and their identical teeth problems. Malocclusion: Disease of Civilization Part IX

I did this yoga video, and it made my stomach (I would say abs, but yea, I don't have any) so sore! I've waited several days now, I think I'm going to try again. Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Weight Loss

On my other blog, Grammarlings, I shared 1) why I haven't been writing there, and 2) what our plans are for our next school year. But because of the change of plans, I've been doing a lot of research and reading for our homeschool and our new co-op. I've found a new/old method to teach writing that has a bit of a learning curve, but I'm really excited about it. Afterthoughts has a series all about the 'progymnasmata.' I read through the whole series and it really helped me think through how I'm going to use it. CM-ing the Progym

And finally, I found this Ted Talk just today and loved it so very much. It is hilarious. I really wish I could be so light hearted, but I would be too intense with the spammers. But I love his approach. What Happens When You Reply to Spam Emails

I hope this week we can start milking twice a day, and I hope your week is blessed with good work and good laughs!

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