Random Graces #10!

Moments from Our House

This week, on Friday no less, I remembered that the kids need to take standardized tests. It's one of our requirements in NC. This was Gideon's first year needing to take one. I was pretty happy to find both tests for $40 online. Gideon flew through his test and finished on Friday. Eowyn is still working on her's.

But I hate these tests. I don't put any stock into the results, we are where we are. But the tests always seem to have some of the propaganda that drives me crazy. I know I'm crazy. Plus, the kids get worried and excited about their scores. Which is probably my fault. I was wishing for the camera, though. I had the two big kids testing in my room, and the two littles watching some TV so that they would just leave the bigs alone for two minutes. The two of them were sitting on the couch in the exact same position. It was so cute.

And today is Mother's Day. Today has been a lovely day. When I woke up, I had to stay in my room and keep on relaxing while my family finished working on breakfast. Then I had a lovely breakfast of crepes, with a beautiful picture frame that Eowyn picked out and some wonderful wildflowers that Gideon collected from the field. I love it. I love them.

And these are the kids who make me a Mama.

Cool Links

I really found this one really interesting. Of course, each man had different motivations, but the one with the most money didn't seem as greedy as the second one. He seemed to want money mostly for security. Anyway, it was interesting. 4 Men with 4 Very Different Incomes

This one is hard. It's hard and freeing. (And it's a little new-agey. I know that's not a word, but you know what I mean.) It's amazing the connections she makes, and the descriptions. Be warned, but read it anyway. On the Wildness of Children

My friend and her husband started a new clothing line called Farm Life Outfitters. I love it all! The shirts are so fun. I've just got to figure out which one I want. Farm Life Outfitters

Y'all. This is absolutely beautiful. I know everything he says too. I know how big I wanted to be. How being a loud voice in this world seemed like a thing I could accomplish. The ordinary life though is what I've been given. The peace and space of the ordinary life are freedom. I love it, and I'm trying to keep my kids grounded in their ideas of greatness. The Power of the Ordinary Life

I hope your day has been blessed. Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Thank you for the shout out, Jenn! And you are right, you and I have been given great "ordinary" callings and I couldn't be happier!! God is good!


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