Random Graces #6

I am so glad March is over! It was an extremely busy month for us, and we have a big change happening in April that will hopefully make our family life a lot better (and less busy). 

Moments from our house

It was a little warm in our room one night last week.

Babies all love other babies.

Baby goats need naps too. And Gregor, the little red buckling there, was sold this weekend! We're so excited because he's going to a farm where he'll get to do what bucks like to do. The kids are much happier than us selling him as a meat goat.

Cool Links

I found this story fascinating! A real live violin thief in this century, it feels like a movie. The Violin Thief

This is quite simply one of the best parenting posts ever. I laugh so loud every time I read it, and I read it to Jeremy, but he couldn't get all the jokes because I was laughing so hard. He Threw a Tantrum, She ignored Him

I read a good review for a new dystopian novel called Breeder. I checked it out on Amazon, and it had a fairly long preview for the Kindle version. So I read the preview and it ends right as a mountain lion is stalking a little girl. Talk about an awesome marketing pitch! I spent the rest of the week trying not to think about what happened to the little girl, and then finally I caved and bought the book this weekend. (I bought the $5 Kindle version, which you can read on your computer or device when you download the Kindle app.) It only took a couple of days to read it, and it's better than The Hunger Games. If you don't want to buy it, don't read the preview. Oh, and don't finish it at night because your adrenaline will be pumping and you won't be able to sleep. Breeder by K.B. Hoyle

That's it for this week! Did you find any interesting reading this week? Share with us.

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