Random Graces #3

A few tidbits from our week, and links I've loved!

Home Moments

We've been watching and checking on the goats more regularly this weekend. Sunday is the big due date. So really, it's any time for the next week. We were able to start separating the goats at night, and hopefully, the weather will start warming up again by Sunday. (I'm pretty sure they're getting a little irritated with us, since we pull their tails up to check their hind ends every time we go out there. "Is the baby coming out yet?" "NO.")

The roosters are terrorizing me. They are awful, and I get so nervous when the babies are out there. I shouldn't be because the roosters are terrified of all the little people. The only person it seems that they will attack is me. Punks. As you can see in this face, he's been beaten up pretty badly but is still considering challenging me.

Speaking of babies, Esmond my love brought me a gift while we were outside working on our new garden fence. A handful of slugs. I was thrilled, I tell you.

Cool Links

This blog is one I subscribed to a while ago. She has a post on how to use the Book of Common Prayer, which we are implementing in our family devotion times. But I stuck around her blog because of her honesty and beautiful way of living faith. I love this post this week about Sabbath living. Sabbath is very important to us, but it is really hard to honor Sabbath this day in age when Jeremy has to work on two Sundays a month. I'm so glad we have the other two Sundays, I know some don't. Anyway, Heather makes it clear that the Sabbath is for us, not us for the Sabbath, so Sabbath celebrations can look different in every family. Some sleep (why mine isn't one of those is beyond me), some play, and Heather shows us how to make our Sabbaths count. Loved it. The Sabbath: FAQ

"When you simplify a child’s world, you make space for positive growth, creativity and relaxation." Such an awesome post! I want and need a simplified world, and so do my kids. Want happier, calmer kids? Simplify their world

This made me giggle. Michelle is a good friend of mine and we spent an afternoon together making sourdough bread. This is Michelle's side of the story, and how her bread turned out. Reality Check Wednesday 2

I found this list of real food pantry items on Pinterest, and I love lists like this. It's so helpful to see what I need in the kitchen to make all the real foods we want to eat. Plus, she has a printable for us! Stocking the Real Food Pantry

That's it!

I hope your week is full and good, and I hope my week is full of goats babies! (If you'd like to hear about the goat babies in real time, follow me on Facebook. I'll be making the announcements there, and then I'll do a post about the experience here.)

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  1. Jennifer, I enjoyed a glimpse into your life and the random graces that the Lord blessed you with.

    It was such a treat to visit here today! :-)


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