Random Graces #2

This week has flown by, but I'm glad it's almost over. Here's some little snippets from our week, and what I've been reading. It's been a doozy!

Moments from our House

We've had an extremely stressful week. One of the goats has been very ill, and it's just been difficult, and of course, I feel terrible that we aren't taking very good care of her. Animal husbandry is tough. I think we're almost out of the woods now and will hopefully have her back to normal tomorrow.

Jeremy has taken a week long vacation from work to get some things done on the farm. It's always so nice staying home for vacation time. And I love getting farm things done.

And we had friends come over Friday night for dinner. It was so much fun! We laughed, ate, talked, and just had a wonderful time. They don't live here, so we don't get to get together very often, but it's such a blessing when we do. They have 5 kids, and our four makes for 9 kids running around and having a blast. They are going back this weekend, and we're so sorry to have to say goodbye.

Cool Links

I made these brownies for Jeremy's birthday (he's getting old, he's in his mid-thirties now), except...I didn't have the white sugar so I made them with half a cup of organic cane sugar and one cup of maple syrup. They were great! Extra Thick and Fudgy Homemade Brownies from the Lovely Little Kitchen.

I found Bronwyn's blog a few weeks ago. Of course, I had to click over when I read her name, it being so close to Eowyn's. Her blog is as pretty as her name, and this new post will horrify you, and make you laugh, and finally admit that you too wish you could go to church completely put together. Or at least, that's how I read it! A Hairy Confession (the very name has you intrigued, doesn't it? I totally would have made Jeremy turn the car around.)

This week has been fraught with stress because of poor Sissy (yep, I just used 'fraught'). So, of course, we've been trying to get her back on her feet before the babies get here. This article has been very helpful, and hopefully, we're on the right track. Health Problems of Pregnant & Lactating Does

I know this one may seem a little superficial, but I am a little superficial I guess. I'm approaching my mid-thirties, ahem, (mid-thirty is still a whole 7 months away! I am much younger than Jeremy) and have felt like I've been floundering in the clothing department for a while now. Dressing this different body that I have and different person that I am has proven difficult. So I enjoyed this post, it made me feel not quite so alone, and also that maybe I will find my style sweet spot soon. How a Closet Cleanse Helped Me Embrace My Thirties

And finally, I am not trying to get political. I read this the other night and loved it. The very next day, I lost my patience and tried to demand that I have my way no matter what and declared I would not wait any longer. The day after that fit, I realized this piece applies to life, not just politics. (Wish I would have recognized this before I threw the huge fit.) I just need to keep waiting on God, what He brings about will be so much better than what I could do. Waiting is hard, but waiting is good. Nikabrik's Candidate

Grace, grace, grace

God's grace is huge, and even though it's been a hard week, I've felt it. I hope you have too! Tell me, have you messed up royally this week? Or did you read anything that gave you some grace? (And if you are in your mid-thirties, what's your style?) Share with us!


  1. Thanks, Jennifer! Really enjoyed visiting you today and love the link Nikabrik's Candidate. Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks Pam, I loved that one too! Definitely made me think.

  2. I hope your goat is feeling better soon. Poor thing.

    I bet the farm is an amazing place for kids to hang out. There must be so much to do and see!

    1. Thank you Christine! She is feeling better, but is still so huge pregnant. Hopefully she'll kid soon!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop! I can't wait to see what you bring next week!


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