Friday Farm Day

We had a fun day outside this afternoon. We had to wait until the worst of the heat (felt like 109 today) passed for the day, but then Jeremy and the big kids worked until dark. The littles and I were sent inside; we weren't being productive and Esmond was getting in the way. Which you shall see.

We're working on the new coop. And weeding the garden. I feel like I'm cutting sod while I'm weeding. So many weeds. Anyway, here's our afternoon!

That is a picture of a man with a conundrum. The post coming about building our new coop could be called many things: "How to Build a Square Room on an Unsquare Building," "How to Build An UnSquare Room," "How To Eyeball It." We shall see which one it ends up being!

After getting hot and sweaty, we decided this watermelon was done enough (it wasn't), and chowed down. We have got to figure out this watermelon picking thing.

Even Noemi got in on it, she loves watermelon.

Then we had to wash up all the stickiness and then wound up playing in the water and getting soaked. (Yep, I cropped myself out of this picture, because I really need to suck it in or announce that I'm pregnant, which would be a lie and a bad excuse. Or maybe I just really to start running again, but that's not fun! And did you read how hot it is here? It felt like 109 degrees!)

Pretty baby girl! Dirty, too, but it's not a good day on the farm if everyone's not filthy by the end of it.

After Jeremy did all his figuring, he let the kids start helping. Notice Eowyn "serving" Jeremy joist hangers.

That's when Esmond started getting in the way. And Noemi wasn't letting me do anything but hold her anyway. So we went on inside, where I remembered how hard it is to mother a toddler and a baby without bigger kids around to help.

And this is from our front porch, right before the littles and I went inside to bathe. I just love it. We've still got a lot to do out there, but hopefully, the hard part is over.

How's your weekend looking?

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  1. How wonderful to have helpers with family projects! Everyone surely cooled off with that juicy watermelon! Thanks for stopping by The Maple Hill Hop this week!


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