Spring Cleaning is happening here on the homestead. The spiderwebs are being brushed away, the windows are being cleaned, the mattresses flipped, the bedding washed, the slipcovers washed, the cabinets organized, the clothes switched, the carpets vacuumed. I'm even washing the pillows.

So far I have one room done. Our bedroom. And it's lovely in there. I go in there to sit and look and get some inspiration for the rest of the house. It's been a long, long winter, and now it's time to clear away the mess and the chaos and make some breathing room. The baby is six months old now, and suddenly I have time and space and the ability to start cleaning out. It feels good. 

But I don't want the house the turn back into this disarray. I want to keep this feeling of cleanliness. And space. Space leaves room for other things to be done. Right now I'm sitting in my living room, and it feels like the things on the floor and on the furniture are crowding me in and pinning me down. When the house is out of order, the only thing to do is clean it. You can't cook, because all the dishes are dirty, which means you can't eat too. You can't put away laundry because all the drawers are spilling out their contents. You can't even do school because you can't find the math books.

Cleanliness is next to godliness because cleanliness is freedom. With freedom comes responsibility and discipline. And God is the One who offers freedom. True freedom, and true freedom is not the false freedom that claims we should be able to do whatever we want without working. True freedom is work. It's having accomplishments, and being satisfied and content. It's not being tied down to stuff.

I know that there are seasons of life that mean the house is not well picked up. (Slight understatement.) There are more important things, but it is best for the house occupants if the house does stay picked up. Especially in those seasons! I haven't yet figured out how to take care of the house in those seasons, and right now I feel like I've been in one of those seasons for so long I don't even know how to take care of the house at all.

Are you in one of those long seasons too? How are you handling it? What are you going to do to get out of it? Or is it just a time thing, like a new baby? Are you waiting for the season to change? Or is it time for you to change the season?

Let's shine up the windows, shall we? It makes it easier to see!


  1. Great post! I have gone through our house to have a garage sale soon and purge, purge, purge! For me, mess equals stress, and you're right -- I need to be disciplined with it in order to reap the rewards of it. I've also learned to give myself grace; the house doesn't have to be perfect all the time. Thank goodness. :)

    1. Yes, grace is essential, and my house doesn't have to (maybe can't?) be perfect, but when my house makes me shut down, something needs to change. I hate that feeling of absolute overwhelm.

  2. I made it through one of those long seasons when my 3 children were all small. Now they are tweens and it is a different type of season, but the struggle of keeping things clean is still here. It is such a wonderful feeling when things look and smell nice so I keep working at it. Best wishes!

  3. I love the new life that comes after a long winter, the sun shines and every thing just looks brighter, especially when we clean the windows. It is almost winter here and I am enjoying watching the spring cleaning happening and planning for the time it will come here. Blessings and thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays.

  4. It is a season. One day your house will be TOO clean, if you can believe that, and you will miss the evidence of children there. BTW,, it is free, and it was how I got my life in order when in this stage. The good Lord showed me the way to her. I have an article about that experience if it helps and encourages you: Balancing the clean is not a fun place to be.... but getting it balanced is :-) Blessings as you get those windows shined and clothes in order.... !!


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