Latin & Greek to Me

I've looked at different Greek and Latin curriculum, and I haven't found anything that followed the classical method a closely as I'd like. And the other thing is, I've studied and taught Greek so I don't really feel like I need help in that area. As for Latin, I can learn it without too much trouble. One of my goals in our homeschool is for me to be the teacher. Meaning, I teach the lessons, make up the work, and use curriculum as I see fit. I've used scripted material, and while that's fine, it takes some of the joy out of learning for me and my kids. So that's what I'm doing with Latin and Greek. Those and history are the easiest subjects for me. I'm learning math, and I'll start learning science next.

Firstly, let's talk about what the classical method is. The classical method begins with the knowledge stage, when the student is introduced and made to memorize the basics of subjects. The basics of Greek, Latin, and any other language start with the alphabets and sounds, move onto words, endings or organization, and grammar. Latin and Greek are considered dead languages, because they are not spoken anymore (and when I'm talking about Greek here, it's Koine Greek which is the Greek of the New Testament. There are older Greek language variations.). Because they are dead, we don't have to learn how to speak them or translate our thoughts into those languages, we just have to learn how to read them.

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  1. I love how you're not just teaching a subject, but plotting it out with the long-term path in mind. I'm still at the stage of having tiny ones,so we haven't started homeschooling yet, but I've been researching and trying to get ideas from what has worked for others.

    1. You're on the right track Amy! It takes a lot of research and learning, but I love doing that stuff anyway.

  2. Amazing, it just sounds so hard to me, thank you for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  3. I would love to learn Latin & Greek!


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