Liturgy prevents us from thinking of ourselves as an island. It gives us unification; it makes us declare "us" and not "me." I won't compare liturgy to individual worship because a proper balance of both is really the only good way to worship. But today we dedicated Noemi to the Lord at church, and the liturgy of it spoke to my heart.

My husband is very much the opposite of me, but I mostly experience God in actions. If I read the Bible, I study God, yes, but almost as if He's a science specimen. I learn about Him. But when I'm in the garden walking among the weeds and vegetables, I sing the doxology. Because even when I don't keep up my end of the bargain by weeding, He works His magic and makes a bountiful feast for us. Collecting eggs elicits awe and praise prayers for His mercy. When I help to bring about the death of some roosters, I see His sacrifice saving me. I experience the studies; I meet Him. Jeremy loves devotionals and quiet times. He experiences God in words and emotions. We balance each other out because God is in both. He shows me God in the Word, and I show him God in the blood of roosters. Balance is essential.

Today we brought Noemi to the altar of God to offer her to Him. With all the other kids, we had coordinating new outfits to wear. But for Noemi's dedication, I didn't know what anyone was going to wear except for her. She wore the dress Eowyn wore, that I and my sisters also wore, that was sewn by my Grandma Dot out of leftover material from my Mom's wedding dress. It is a beautiful white eyelet dress that is full of a rich history of love.

Jeremy parent's and his two grandmothers came up from Alabama for the day. Jeremy's Grandmother sewed up a little bonnet for Noemi to wear. My parents and grandparents were here too. We have many years of love that have brought us Noemi.

It is an important day. A solemn day. We didn't have too much trouble getting to church on time, unusual as that is. I changed Noemi into her dress when we got there. When we were singing praises to God, an overwhelming urge to prepare for this solemn ceremony came over me. I realized we should have already done that and I was once again late. I asked Jeremy to step to the back with me, and we prayed over Noemi. It was a sweet time of individual preparation.

After communion, we brought Noemi to the altar, to promise to raise her in reverence of God. We made vows to God, and to the church, and then the church stood with us and vowed to support us and her. To come alongside us and be together. Such beauty and honor, and history. We are adding Noemi to God's story. Weaving her into a community of thousands of years. We are not islands. She is not an island. Just as God is One in Three, we are one in millions. He is Trinity. We are humanity, the humanity Jesus came to save. She is part of the story of God's redemption.


  1. I just love the story behind the dress. It makes me wish we had some kind of tradition like that. Congratulations on dedicating your raising up to the Lord.

    1. Traditions have to begin somewhere! Thanks for reading Deborah!

  2. Hi there! You have a lovely family! Just found your blog through Strangers and Pilgrims. Loved the story of the dedication dress :)

  3. What a beautiful story! Tradition helps define us as a family, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your special day. Blessings!


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