CC Cycle 3 Week 19 ~ The Plan

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These two weeks of break are stretching out before me as if an endless time of renewal and inspiration. It doesn't hurt that the kids are diving into their studies of WWII. It's so nice that God insisted on breaks, rests, to revitalize us. And it really does seem that the seventh day/week/year are the ones when we need the rest the most. I should pay more attention to that.

For week 19 we will begin our Latin and Greek studies again. I'll do a post eventually about how I'm doing these studies, but we aren't using curriculum until they are older, so it's just memorizing the alphabets and vocabulary. We'll continue our hymn study of "To God be the Glory," our memory work, copywork of Proverbs, math practice, Mystery of History, timeline song, and a story. We'll be switching back to some Shakespeare again, and this time I'll be using E. Nesbit's Shakespeare's Stories for Young Readers.

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