CC Cycle 3 Week 18 ~ The Plan

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You know what's funny and awesome at the same time? All the kids in our group hate breaks. The moms are always a little relieved, but the kids moan and groan. They love their schools. And I think that's pretty awesome.

So what will we do for the next two weeks? Sleep in? Kids don't sleep in. So I guess we'll do school as normal! And maybe do a little catching up on some things.

I love our morning meeting time. Because of our hymn studies, the kids sing hymns throughout our days. Isn't that wonderful? I think it's time for another hymn, and I want to use another of Franny Crosby's, this time "To God be the Glory." I'd like to hear that one when I'm doing dishes. We used to sing it in chapel at Asbury. We'll do our CC memory work, timeline song, Mystery of History, copywork, math practice, Plutarch's Lives, and a story. I think I'll wait until after break to add back in our Latin and Greek practice. (I'm a big advocate for taking it slow after a new baby is born. Like snail's pace slow. In other words, I don't rush back into our regular routine. I don't even walk back in, I sit on my bottom and scoot.)

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