CC Cycle 3 Week 17 ~ The Plan

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We've had a really great week of school. It's been fun. I'm reading this Arithmetic for Parents book and it is really helping me teach math. I'm enjoying it, and so are the kids. What are we going to do next week though?

Well, that's what this post is here for. 'Cause I certainly don't know

We do our CC memory work on CC Connected. It's something the kids can do on their own, if I'm busy, or we can sit around on the floor reciting together. I don't know why we end up on the floor as often as we do, but it's true. We're still listening to Mystery of History, even though we are very much behind. This week, the kids paid attention when she spoke about Confucius and Buddha. Timeline song, copywork, Plutarch's Lives, and a story or two, and now I've added some math practice to our morning meetings/independent work. Eowyn has a multiplication chart to chant and study, and Gideon finds patterns on a hundred number chart. Both practice counting beans by twos and without moving them. We'll increase the number to count by as they master each, up to 5 at least. It's a good way to start looking at the bigger picture and practice skip counting. Plus it's another thing they can do without my help.

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