CC Cycle 3 Week 16 ~ The Plan

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So the end of last week and then all of this week, we've been pretty sick. We've been able to keep up with the bare minimums, which is the most important work: the memory work. Thankfully, that only takes a few minutes a day. We've also been able to watch the videos, but mostly we've been lying around making sure to eat. Anytime we get some kind of bug in this house it takes a while to get through everyone. Week 16 we will be better again!
CC Cycle 3 Week 16 ~ The Plan from Homesteading on Grace

We did listen to Blessed Assurance this week, and the kids loved it because they recognized it. My aunt gave them a Go Fish CD that has Blessed Assurance on it. So we were able to beboop to it. Morning meeting (which doesn't always happen in the morning, so maybe I need to call it something else?) will still be our memory work from CC, the timeline, Plutarch's Lives, Mystery of History audio books, and some stories, either from Uncle Remus or the American Folk Tales. This is a fun time, I hope to be able to get back into our regular schedule next week. (Gideon is the last to be sick, and I'm hoping he'll be cleared up by Monday. He's had the worst of it, poor thing. It's made him pretty emotional.) I really need to start making them do their copywork again too. (You should take a look around that blog too; she has some really nice resources!)

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