Christmas 2014

Christmas is such a lovely symbol of what was and is to come. Santa is a symbol of God coming. He steals into our homes, like a thief in the night, but instead of taking, he gives. He gives gifts of grace, for our enjoyment, and gifts of mercy, for our use. He doesn't just give gifts to the deserving, but to the undeserving as well. (Even though there is a popular myth and song that insist he gives only to the good children.) Because, really, none of us deserve any gifts. But Santa gives anyway. Out of love for us, and out of love for our Savior. Giving gifts to children is Santa's way of announcing the Gospel. The gifts he brings are symbols of the gifts that Christ gives. And I bet coal was given, not to judge the children, but to remember the death that saved us.

We love Christmas around here. We love the traditions, the lights in the darkness, the happiness, and the gift giving. We love the magic of it all. Without even knowing it, the world participates for a moment in the magic of a night long ago. The celebration back then opened up and connected our world to God's world, and we still celebrate now, hoping for that same connection. We know it's a symbol because it doesn't completely satisfy. Yes, we still practice our gratefulness, but one day, the true celebration of Christmas will appear here and we will meet the satisfaction that so many are searching for. There is nothing here that will satisfy the longing in our souls. Jesus is who we look for among the gifts under the tree. Santa tries, not to distract from Jesus, but to give the gift of Jesus.
We had a great Christmas this year. We had just come out of a mutant bug/virus that left us quarantined from everything and everyone for a week and a half. (That's why I haven't been blogging too.) It was awful, and we were very barn-soured by the end of it. So we were grateful to finally see our family again and enjoy other people's company. Christmas Eve was spent taking Christmas pictures, baking cookies for Santa, wrapping gifts, and finishing a few, and then having a party at Grandma's house. 

Here we are baking cookies for Santa. This is right before Gideon got grabby for some dough, and knocked a brand new bottle of vanilla extract off the counter, which fell to the floor, broke and spilled vanilla all over the floor. And then we had a little tension, but we soon got over it after the mess was cleaned up, apologies were made, and lessons were learned (hopefully).
Matching Christmas pj's were impossible this year. I have too many size ranges. Usually, I sew up their Christmas pajama pants, and find shirts, but with my other projects this year, I just bought them. They looked cute though. And they all liked how comfortable the jammies were.
And then on Christmas day, Santa came! He brought Eowyn some American Girl things and a sewing machine, Gideon a Chima Lego set and a hand auger, Esmond a balance bike and some stacking blocks, and Noemi a play gym. A periodic table game, a history audio book, and a movie were to share. It was a sweet time. The kids got us up at 6, and I was back in bed at 7 while they watched the movie.
And I did finish all my projects in time. Esmond's hat and Noemi's birds were easy enough to finish, and Gideon's album came together fairly quickly. I was most worried about Eowyn's quilt. I didn't get the material in the mail until 3 days before Christmas, so it took a few late nights, but I did it. She loves it, so it was all worth it. And Gideon said "it's a book all about me!" when he opened his album.

Noemi barely noticed what was going on, and Esmond is slightly afraid of his dinosaur hat. I guess I made it look too real. Ha! They'll come around. The birds really are cute (I used an Easter egg and some dried beans to make a rattle in the middle) and the dinosaur hat is fun. He's warming up to it.

We hope you and yours had just as magical and wonderful a time this Christmas! We're so grateful for everyone who reads this little blog, and we absolutely love all the comments. So thank you, and God bless you!

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  1. You have beautiful children, thanks for sharing these lovely photos at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings.


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