Sew a Dress ~ A Short Tutorial

Hello! As I said earlier, I've been nesting, and by nesting I mean I've been sewing things we don't really need.

Well, both girls (hopefully this baby is a girl, otherwise I'm going to have some explaining to do one day!) do need some fall dresses, so that's kind of what I've been working on.

Anyway, Eowyn needed a dress out of this floral fabric. Mom found it at a junking store and brought it home to us. We love it, and I think there's enough for another dress for the baby. So the girls will have some matchy-matchy stuff. (I do not like matching, but Eowyn and Jeremy love it.) The plaid is one of Jeremy's old shirts that I'm using for something else.
I used the same pattern pieces from the tunic I sewed Eowyn a while back, I just added an A-line skirt and widened the sleeves a bit for some extra puff. I used a flannel I had lying around as the trim and made some gathered pockets for the front. This dress was our inspiration.
First I wanted to take care of the pockets, because I was slightly worried about them. I decided to use two pieces. I sewed a strip of elastic to the top of one piece, and then sewed the two together leaving a bit of room to turn them. I ironed them out and sewed them onto the front of the dress.

I sewed up the sleeves next, gathering the tops and sewing on the trim.
I sewed the shoulders together, and then added the neckline trim.

I matched the middle of the sleeves to the seam on the shoulders and gathered the little bit on either side to fit the sleeve on.
Then all that was left was the side seams and the hem.

It didn't take long, but I worked on it little bits at a time over several days. (That's why some of the pictures are funky. I worked at night and had to use the flash.) Really, the planning and cutting are what take so long. I have to think, think, think before I start cutting. I search Pinterest for inspiration and patterns, and then combine several and finally come up with a plan.

The plaid shirt of Jeremy's above is taking even longer than I anticipated because all of my plans were dependent on one cut working and it didn't, so I've got to finish figuring that out.

Eowyn loves the dress and looks really cute in it! It's so fun making things like that. I hope I can wiggle out the details for the plaid...


  1. Darling, darling dress! Love the fabric and style :) Thanks for sharing your sewing tutorial on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Happy nesting :)

  2. Very cute!! I'm especially loving the pockets!


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