Building some Walls

The weather is starting to cool off, and Jeremy had a couple days at home (when he was supposed to be helping deliver the baby, but we all know that's not happening!) so he decided to put up the walls to our goat room on our garage-turned-barn.

I missed pictures of the progress of the walls, but the next day I remembered to get the camera out and took pictures of him putting on the doors that he built.

It looks great! I think I've got him convinced to try white washing the walls. I know it won't last like paint would, but it would cost much less and give us some protection for the wood this winter. We can always paint later. I read about white washing here, and it looks so pretty and old-fashioned!

He will also be adding windows in the spring for more ventilation. He's still deciding what kind he wants to do. It takes him as long to plan his building as it takes me to plan my sewing. But the goats approve of all his planning.

He told me he was embarrassed to admit it, but he got the idea for the doors from Pinterest! He's been scrolling on my account.

These walls only took him a day and a half, so the kids are pretty sure he could build their tree house in two days. They are hoping it's the next project around here.


  1. It looks great! I especially like the doors. Tell your husband that it's okay for men to search around on pinterest - mine does! It's great, because if I get stuck spending too much time on Pinterest, he totally understands!

    1. Thanks Vickie! I'll tell Jeremy it's ok for him to browse on Pinterest!


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