Around the farm in the fall

The other day, Jeremy and I (and Esmond) explored the property we live on. Jeremy was actually trying to walk me into labor, but that didn't work.

The older kids were running around too, but they have their own haunts to play in. We walked around taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

First we walked through the goat fence, checking on all the animals. The chickens were hiding under the bushes around our goat fence, resting and being chickens. Some came out to check us out.

The goats were trying to stay close to us, and showing off a bit too, I think. Pippy is hilarious. She has more of my personality. She always wants to be close to us, but not that close. We're still working on getting her used to touch. This is important for milking eventually. Sissy loves, loves, loves being rubbed. If no one is rubbing her, she rubs us. To get them ready for milking, we'll rub their bellies and even their udders. Sissy is not fazed. Pippy is appalled.

The guineas ran by us at one point. They are something else, I tell you what. They are noisy, so noisy. I watched them one day squawking about a hawk flying overhead, and then they ran to hide in a bunch with their heads down near a bush. And it's so funny to watch them run from behind because it looks like they have on bloomers.

Anyway, moving on....we walked down our gravel road toward our neighbors property. Our neighbors have been on this land for generations and have a small cemetery with graves from the Civil War era. Such history! Some of these graves are children's graves.

Then we walked down the line of our property into the woods. This all used to be fenced in farmland. They used trees as posts for the fence and it's been so long now that the trees have grown around the fencing.

Then we walked home, these two were in front of me. I love how in this picture they are taking the same step. So cute.

Anyway, just a walk around the farm and woods! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


  1. What a lovely fall day! I loved seeing the guineas! We're hopefully bringing home some keets soon. We've had a big coral snake problem here, I'm hoping they will help us out eventually. Anyway, thanks for sharing your day! :)

    1. The guineas are probably the funniest birds I've ever seen! You're going to love having them on your homestead (but they are really, really loud!). I wanted them to take care of the ticks out here, they are really useful birds. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely autumn landscaping with us! You have a beautiful piece of property!!! The graves you shared remind me of the Civil War Homesteads we visited on a trip to Kentucky. They also had family cemeteries. I think they felt secure that the property would always remain in the family. This is somewhat sad that it no longer happens that way... I also like the last photo with the round bales as that is what my husband does for a living :) Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week! :)

    1. Thanks Jes! We used to live in KY, and it really is beautiful country up there. My kids love watching the hay bales be rolled out. I do too, it's so neat how they get things like that done!


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