Fall Gardening

I love fall. I love that the weather is finally cooling off. I love that my due date is finally getting closer. I can't wait for the fall foods to start rolling in. I really want to get my hands on some pumpkin this year. I can't wait for cozy fall clothes that are NOT maternity. Because soon, I won't have to wear maternity clothes any more!

I'm getting off topic.

The last garden post left us weed free and with some seeds planted. We still had some watermelons ripening and some sweet potatoes that needed to be pulled up. We ate one of our watermelons the other day and it was perfect.
And we pulled up our sweet potatoes a week or so before that. Do you want to see what we got?
Only one ginormous sweet potato. Just one! What? Last time we planted sweet potatoes we harvested 25 pounds of sweet potatoes. But this time, we only got the one. And it looks like a baby in the womb. Oh well. The kids thought it was amazing.

Pulling up those vines left us some room. Our seeds are coming up, but slowly and I want to make sure we get some other things, so the kids and I went to Lowes to pick out some more plants. We came away with 81 plants. (We don't think ahead.) But thankfully, Jeremy was home the next day for a bit and we all worked together to plant them. Jeremy decided I shouldn't be digging the holes, so that left me with the 81 squats to plant the plants. (The kids did some, but I still had to check their work.) My legs are still sore. But at least I got some exercise.

The kids and I are also working on pulling up the tomatoes and throwing out some carrot and radish seeds. We'll see if they get up in time; our first frost is the end of October and supposedly it's going to be a bad winter, for everyone. Hopefully the carrots will come up before then. (I buy heirloom seeds from Baker's Creek Seeds, and love them. Not an affilink!) Jeremy's working on getting some more wood chips. I want a dump truck load, which is how much we got last time, but we've needed more to bolster the edges. Plus I want a good ground cover in before the winter starts. I've watched parts of this video called Back to Eden, and he really makes sense to me. It's amazing how much he ties gardening into God. Jeremy's watched some of the video as well, but wasn't as convinced. So he tilled.

I hope we aren't too late for a nice fall crop. If we can get the wood chips in before the baby comes, they should keep the ground warm enough through the frost to keep the plants safe. We'll see. I've got to get ready for this baby to come at some point, too.

What are your fall gardens doing?


  1. That looks like wood mulch in the garden. It is the kiss of death used in gardens.

    1. It is wood chips, and the video I linked to above explains the process. Some people get really good results with wood chips and compost. Which makes sense, the compost breaks the wood chips down, and the wood chips keep the compost from burning up the plants. Makes for good soil. Thanks for your comment!


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