Chaos with Wings

All this talk about cooking and sourdough, we've been missing some of the animals!

Our goats are shiny and healthy, and growing! They have eaten so much of the brush in the fence that we can see through it to the other side now. We're planning on seeding the strip of grass with an alfalfa mix I read about somewhere....oh dear, I need to find that again. They still yell anytime they hear us outside. When I'm hanging laundry on the clothesline, I try to be as quiet as possible but inevitably they hear or see me and start yelling. They are so loud!

It's been two weeks of confinement for the chickens and guineas, so we've begun letting them out of the coop for a few minutes before their feeding. Then we call them back in before they wonder off too far for their food. And the kids have been given strict instructions not to do anything with the chickens unless they have been given permission. It's really hard to anticipate what kids are gonna do next, you know? They come up with some wild ideas.

But our chickens are growing and are almost as big as the guineas now. Goodness, it is chaos when we let them out. Everyone is yelling, running, flapping, flying, jumping, and getting under foot. We feed the goats first because they prefer it that way. If we don't, they try to push us away from the coop door. But when the chickens smell (do chickens smell?) the goat food, they are all crowding underneath the goats to get the crumbs. I wish I had a video camera because it is crazy! I've been trying to snap some pictures of the chaos, but everyone is moving so much it's almost impossible to get the camera in focus.

The guineas are hilarious. They are the clumsiest birds I have ever seen. I watched one fly up to a tree branch tonight, and then she fell off the tree. And they all fall and clamor and make so much noise trying to get up in a tree. It's like nothing I've ever seen. They also have these weird flappy things hanging off their cheeks now. If it weren't for their heads, guineas really would be beautiful birds. But it's kind of like turkeys. Those cheeks just kind of weird me out.

With all that chaos, I'm not going to lie, I get a little stressed. I don't do well in highly stimulating environments, mostly because I have hermit tendencies. The first time we let them out, I was sweating and couldn't focus, but the kids were just handling it. They weren't surprised at what the birds were doing; they thought it was fun. Go figure. I told the kids they could open the door for the birds to come out, and next thing I know, the two of them are chasing the birds out of the coop which made for even more chaos. And does not make for a moment to teach. So I need to quiet us before we go into that chaos and lay out the plans, and the expectations beforehand. It's really hard to explain that we're doing such and such while there are twenty-four birds yelling, running, and flapping all over your heads. Good thought for life too.

No eggs yet from our birds. I don't think the guineas will begin until January (not sure why I think that, maybe I read it somewhere). But I hope we'll get a few chicken eggs before then. The kids say we have three roosters, which isn't too bad really. How do they know? I have no idea, so I'm just trusting them on this. My kids are so much more country than I am. I wish I was! I'm too uptight. And scared of germs. I don't like dirty.

But it's not living well to live in a sterilized bubble! We need germs! (Right?) So I fight against those tendencies. Plus, who wants to be uptight? (Not to say we don't wash our hands immediately upon entering the house and leaving our shoes at the door.) I am very proud of myself because I do like to pet the goats. Actually, Sissy, the tan goat, doesn't really give me a choice. She forces everyone to pet her. I'm more like Pippy, who merely tolerates petting and would rather we all stayed close together, but just kept our hands to ourselves. And I have touched the chickens. My family will know that this is huge for me.

Are there any other germ-o-phobs out there trying to live a homesteading, natural life that requires things like poop and live bacteria? Or really, just living with kids? Because kids are dirty.

Goodness, this post turned into a post all about my craziness. Sorry about that! I usually try to keep it hidden...


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