Birds of a feather....

Our birds have begun calming down! At least, as far as 24 birds can calm down. They wander all over our front yard, and the guineas even wander in the horse pasture behind our house. But come evening time, when we walk out the front door, they all gather around and escort us to the garage-turned-barn. In the mornings, we let them out after the goats have finished eating. Otherwise, the chickens will jump on the goats' backs and try to get into their food bowl.

One of our guineas did have a slight accident. Her leg got caught between some boards and was hurt. We don't think it was broken, but she wouldn't put in weight on it. So her "flock" turned on her and started pecking her. We separated her and have kept her in the cage for the past week or so. Everyday she is putting more weight on her leg though, so it's working. The other guineas visit her every morning when they come out, and periodically throughout the day.
"How you doing, Gladys? How much more time you got in there?" Aha, we joke.
Still no eggs, or crowing. Looking at the chickens, the kids and Jeremy think we have 3 or 4 roosters. I'm not so sure. The kids are guessing based on who fights, and Jeremy is guessing based on the wattles. From what I've read, you really can't tell (unless you're an expert) until they start crowing. Because hens will establish a pecking order, and will also have wattles (which are those flaps of skin hanging off their cheeks). The guineas are even harder to tell the difference because the only difference is in their noise. Both make one kind of noise, and only females can make a second noise. And when all twelve are waddling around together, it's near impossible to tell who's making what noise.
I'm hoping for at least one male in both groups. I want to have some babies next spring! All of our colorful assortment of chickens are beautiful though. I love the variety we have. And their coloring is really starting to come out too. The reds aren't just red anymore. George still has the puffy feathered head. The black and white speckled have some really lovely brown on their backs.
 Hi George!
And here's Esmond getting right in there with the chickens. We had spilled some of their food in front of the garage/barn and the chickens and guineas were pecking it. Esmond has no fears of getting pecked, he was spreading the food out and throwing some of the food to the birds in the back. He started bear hugging the chickens to pick them up. It was so funny! The chickens would squawk each time he grabbed them.

So we'll have another expert chicken catcher in the family. I'm so proud, and so is he! Look at that face. I'd kiss him if he weren't holding a chicken and weren't quite so dirty.

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  1. Your children are adorable. Guineas are so much fun, maybe we will be able to introduce them to our homestead one day! Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop be sure to come back and share another :)

    1. Thanks Heidi! Guineas are very interesting creatures. We love having them around.


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