To schedule ~ Free Printable Calendar!

Or what the plan is for our homeschool days....

Or how we're going to get everything done...

I've run a couple of trials here and there to see if everything I want to get done in our days, CAN get done. I think it will work, with a bit of tweaking and flexibility.

Mondays will be our Classical Conversations day, so no other school will be planned for that day. That one is easy!

Tuesdays through Fridays though are up to me. I want to begin, of course, with our morning meeting. (Still not sure that's what I want to call it...Truth and Beauty Time? Beginning Peace? I don't know, and it's not something to stress over.) From our trial runs, that will take us about an hour and a half. I hope we'll be able to begin during breakfast, at least with either the memory work or listening to a fairy tale and discussing. (And when I say discussing, I mean it only takes about 2 minutes for us to talk it out.)

After our morning meeting, we'll do math. Math shouldn't take more than an hour. Gideon can get done quicker than Eowyn and go play for a bit of a break. I'd like to follow math with our reading time. I think this quiet hour will be a break time for me (especially if we're listening to our books) once the baby is born for nursing or snuggle time on the couch.
That's about 3 and a half hours in the morning, which is as much as I'm willing to plan for morning. We'll fix lunch, clean up, and then begin our afternoon studies. This will include our Language studies and then either Geography, History, Science, or Art. I've decided to cover these subjects once per week, rather then trying to get a little bit of each done every day.

Our Language studies will cover spelling, phonograms, reading, handwriting, Greek, and Latin. This shouldn't take more than an hour.

Geography, on Tuesdays, will cover more in depth our memory work for CC, which is American geography this year. The kids will practice drawing the US map, we'll look over each state (the flag, capital, etc.), and read some of the 50 States pdf book I have.

History, on Wednesdays, will be our history notebooks. We have sketch pads to fill in our history sentences with some depth. We'll draw, copy, make a timeline, and read some books or watch some videos that are relevant to our history sentence.

Science, on Thursdays, will be Apologia Anatomy and Physiology and the notebooks. This should be pretty straightforward. I'm not trying to line up the weeks with our memory work, so we'll just read half of a chapter and do the notebook pages that we want to do.

Art, on Fridays, will be a project copying the artist that we'll study during the week. For example, our first artist is John Singleton Copley, so after listening to his biography, we'll try drawing a picture like one of his. He's famous for portraits, so that's what we'll draw.

The kids will also have independent work each day. I'm putting some binders together so that they will have exactly what they need for each week. This daily work will include world map drawing or tracing, Bible copy work, drawing practice, and music copy work (for Eowyn). Also, they will be listening to Mystery of History audio books to follow along with our timeline. This will give them a running story of the history of the world. I think they will be able to do this simultaneously with their independent binders. We'll listen to these audiobooks every year, no matter what our history cycle is. I don't have their independent work scheduled because I anticipate having to nurse, or change a diaper, or put a baby or toddler down for a nap, so this will be work they can do then.

I'm excited about filling up our days with studies! I've been studying and planning (and homesteading, and putting up food, and...) so much that they haven't gotten much summer school done in the past couple of weeks.

As to how I get all of this planned each it is! I slaved over this planner. (I'm crazy like that.) This first picture is just a summer day.
The monthly calendar.
This picture is what my planner will look like once we start CC again. Except that the chore side will also be filled in.

I like having my whole day on one sheet of paper. So chores, errands, exercise, meals, and school. I've been using this in a clip board, but I'm putting it in a binder now. I also switched it up a bit to better fit with the new homeschool plans. You can choose which version works better for you, or if you want to email me for the Word document, I'll email it to you for your own customization. I just can't guarantee you'll have the same fonts.

Here is the new version.

Here is the older version.

I also have the matching monthly calendar.

My email is

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  1. Your days look so full and beautiful! Thank you for providing a look into your school day plans and for sharing at the Cycle 3 Weekly Link-up!

    1. My days are full, not always beautiful, but always full. But you know how that goes!


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