The Roof that Jeremy built

Not to brag or anything, but my husband is a pretty good husband. He's pretty good-looking, funny, and a hard worker. He loves me. And he knows that I can't leave all these compliments without also pointing out that he's not perfect. But I love him, and I love having him for a husband.

Pretty soon, like the day of, after we got the goats, Jeremy decided his building days weren't over. The goats needed some kind of cover separate from the chickens. So a day later, he'd made the plans and bought the materials. Then he started digging.

Now, I would go into detail on how to build something like this, but if anyone followed my directions, they would not build anything sound. So this is a mostly picture post of Jeremy's progression.

He had some help, although the "help" mostly got in the way. But he thought it sure was fun.

Digging and looking good, honey!

I like this picture better though, because he laughs at his own jokes. He is pretty funny.

 Gideon was ready to help too.

 Here, he has the posts in and is working on the rafters. (I believe that's what they are called.)

 Working on those rafters, but it looks like Daddy needs some help up there.

 Good Daddy.

He almost knocked me out cutting the top of the posts off for the roof. It fell before he was expecting it to, and I was walking right underneath it. He said he almost had me right where he's wanted me for all these years. Hardee, har. har.

He put up the plywood roof. It's a nice, strong roof, because it held him up while he was screwing the plywood in. (I would have been a bit nervous about climbing up on my own roof.)

 And this is the tin that will go in next.

See? There it is! Easy peasy, and there's the guineas checking it out. I tell you what, the hard part was holding up that board on the front and keeping it level (but that's because I had to do it so he could screw it in and I could just barely reach it).

And it's done! Now I'm hoping he won't pick out anything else to fix up until we get this stuff paid for.

 And just because I don't believe I've posted pictures of Jeremy's other projects because the animals and kids normally take center stage, here's a picture of the laying boxes and roosting ladder in the coop that Jeremy built.

And one of the straightest, sturdiest, prettiest fences I have ever seen. He worked so hard on this fence, and it really is beautiful. (It also cost quite a bit of money. But I did ask for a farm, and that's not a cheap gift.) When he was planning this fence, he agonized over how to get it just right. I told him, I'd never seen a perfectly straight fence. He said, well, you're about to. And he was right.


  1. I don't find too many guys on the barn hop so I always check out the blog when a fellow male is spoken of. Jeremy must be an architect as my building usually has an artistic appeal to it.

    Thanks for the post. I found you on the barn hop.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Jeremy is pretty good at what he does.

  2. Great looking coop, goat shelter and fence! My man is a builder too! He loves to plan out a job, buy the wood and materials he needs and build it with his own hands. Hard-working, God-fearing men aren't too easy to come by. We are blessed indeed!
    Found your blog on R&R Link up. You have a lovely farm and family!
    Oh, and we do CC too! Congratulations on the new baby and may God give you the rest you need!


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