On the farm this week

Here's what we've been doing.

We feed the animals, twice a day. And we did have a set back with our brilliant chicken plans. You know, how the chickens were coming in to eat at night and it was all working out so nicely? Well, the kids threw a loop in our perfection.

One day, while out playing with the chickens and goats, the kids decided to "train" the chickens. How do you train chickens? With food! So all afternoon, the kids "trained" the chickens to come to them by giving them lots of food. That night, when Jeremy and I went out to put the chickens up for the night, not one of them was hungry. So they didn't want to come into the coop. It's really hard to anticipate what kids are gonna do next, you know?

So, we had to chase and catch the chickens to get them inside the coop for the night. Not very fun for Mama and Daddy here. (I bet you wish I had some pictures of that action.) So we're back to keeping the chickens in for a couple of weeks to retrain them to come home at night. The guineas were good, but they are locked in too, just because it would be impossible to get them out and keep the chickens in.

All the animals are doing well, though. This picture is actually a week old, and the chickens have grown a lot since then. They are the same size as the guineas now. That one in the middle? (In the above picture.) Standing on top of the food tray? You see him? He's George. No, we don't know if he's a boy or a girl. He's just the biggest and most unique looking one. There aren't any others like him. So Gideon named him George, and it's stuck.

We've also completely weeded the garden, and raked up all the weeds to pile somewhere else. This coming week, we really need to find some more wood chips to cover what we've torn up and get the soil ready for the rest of our fall crops.

We've got some really nice sandy soil on one side of the garden that I hope will work really well for our carrots, radishes, and turnips.

We've been doing many other things as well, but I think I've covered most of those in other posts. Putting up foods, getting ready for school, cooking, etc. This has been one of the best summers for me. We are having such a wonderful time, even with all the mess-up and fails.

How has your summer been?

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