Kids can Dig

If you read this post, you've heard a small rant about "kids being kids." I'm still trying to figure out how to combat this. Kids aren't being raised to be kids; they are being raised to be adults, with responsibilities, and capabilities. And my getting frustrated with them doesn't actually help the situation. What can I teach them to do though? What responsibilities can I give them?

Jeremy to the rescue again! He was digging a ditch to divert some rain the other day. He used a tiller to rip it up first, and then was going to shovel out the loose dirt. Gideon decided to help. So I made Eowyn grab another shovel and help. Gideon is a hard worker, he just doesn't think before he does things. Eowyn thinks, but will avoid work like the plague. I said to Jeremy I wish we had a bunch of ditches for them to dig. So Jeremy came up with some digging jobs. Wednesday morning, when I got up and Gideon was making Esmond scream and Eowyn yell, I had something to give them, rather than start yelling myself! I sent Gideon outside to shovel gravel back onto the drive way; Eowyn decided to go help too. Jeremy had already loosened it with the tiller. It was perfect! Well, almost, I still had to referee a couple of knock-down drag-outs. But all you gotta say in that situation is "tell me what you did, not what your sister/brother did." Everybody clams up when they have to tell on themselves.

Esmond and I walked out there to check on them, and bring them in for breakfast. And Esmond wanted to help. I'd like to help him develop that attitude, to help. All toddlers want to help, they just always get in the way. I need to figure out how to encourage that natural tendency before he looses it.

Jeremy and I spoke to Eowyn and Gideon about how we need to work on their character flaws beforehand. (We think it's better to be honest about flaws in our kids than to hide them. Maybe it won't be so hard to admit they are sinners.) We identified the flaws (Eowyn, laziness; Gideon, lack of thinking) and told them how we are going to work on them. Both kids were pretty enthusiastic about it. (Well, Eowyn was a little hesitant, since it is laziness she's fighting.) Gideon was told to ask questions before he did anything. He has been much better about that. Eowyn has had to work, and she's getting there as well. It's hard. But I have found that the things that start out hard, are of God and get easier with time and practice. We've been trying to encourage them when they do right, and remind when they do wrong.

My character flaw that I need to work on is patience. Pregnancy hormones don't help. But this new plan has been a help, because it's given me a guide. We all know what the problem is, and now we all know how we can work on it.

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