Getting started on the farm

It all started when spring came around, and almost every time we came in from playing outside, someone had a tick on them. I've had to get 4 ticks off my baby this summer! Not to mention the ones that weren't biting yet. So far, I'm the only one that has not been bitten. And I do not handle tick bites well. Once I finally get them out, which is all kinds of stressful for me, I burn them in a little bonfire of matches. Not my finest moments, I'll admit. I have very ugly feelings toward ticks...I wonder if I should explore that?

So, what do I do to get rid of ticks? (*Cue maniacal laughter while waving a burning torch madly throughout the yard.) Guineas!

Google to the rescue. Guineas eat ticks. I started researching these wonderful birds and told Jeremy we needed some guineas. I wanted about 75. But we found a guy who raises them locally and bought twelve from him. He also raises chickens, so we bought twelve of those too. My guineas have not yet gotten big enough to leave the coop, but soon. And next year, I'm hoping we'll find their eggs and incubate dozens and have lots of guineas to kill all the ticks. Today when I went out there, the kids pointed out a tick was crawling on the outside of the coop door, just mocking me, but soon, soon I will have the last laugh! (I told you, ugly feelings toward the little blood suckers that won't let go.)
Guineas also happen to be very good watchdogs, sounding the alarm anytime someone comes in the yard, keeping predators away from their home base, killing snakes and things, and their eggs are very good for baking. Ours will hopefully begin laying eggs sometime this winter. We're excited to see what good things our guineas will bring to our farm.

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