The Pig Sty

We've gotten our new pigs, but we're wanting them to do some work for us in the midst of growing some of our meat. Plus, Jeremy likes pigs to stay contained since they can make a mess everywhere they go.

Time to Clean!


Let me tell you, life was rough for a couple of weeks around here. We ordered the washer and dryer, set a time limit for us to get the mudroom done, and got to work.


So Jeremy decided a while ago that he wanted the mudroom done by the 4th so that we could buy a washer and dryer on sale. Well, it didn't get done. A little bit, here and there, but not anything to brag about.

Raising Meat

This winter, Jeremy decided to raise some meat chickens. It's funny being married to him, because I've been talking about homesteading and planning it and generally just thinking about it for years, and nothing feels like it ever happens.

The Blessing of Rain

The weather here has been hot and dry. The kids and I have been watching and noticing. The corn has been spiky and the leaves were curling a bit. The grass was crunchy to step on. We don't have a garden yet, but being that we're surrounded by farmland and depending on the grass in our field to feed our animals, we are aware that we need rain.

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