We are in a mess!



Ok, so it's not really that bad, but the feelings of overwhelm hit me every once in a while (daily) (alright, hourly) and I get a little freaked out.

This is ok. Or so I tell myself.

I haven't had anything finished yet to post another update, because we've got so many pans in the fire, so to speak. Which means we just have a bunch of messes all over the place. (Plus the computer got a virus and we had to recover the whole thing which means I need to spend hours getting all my files and pictures and what-not on it. Again.) But we have gotten our whole house water filtration system in and running, so that is one thing. I should write about that because it is pretty awesome.

The master bathroom was put on hold while Jeremy did the water system, and now he's working on the barn and fencing. So the bathroom has to wait.

I hate waiting. I don't know how the bathroom feels about it.

The master bedroom is also kind of paused. We're working on re-hanging all the doors. We took them down, painted the doors, and stripped all the paint off the hinges. They look much better now. We also did get the rest of the doorway cut out, and the new door trim installed, and have hung that door up. So that's sort of done. I still need to touch up the paint...

Right now, the kids and I are cleaning up the house, again, to get moved in. We've moved the entire school room over, except for this junk. (What is all of that? Where did it come from? Can I just leave it here?)

The only rooms left to clean at the new house are the kitchen and bathrooms.

I'm avoiding this like the plague.

The kitchen is so dirty, and the bathrooms...ugh. I've got to man-up and just go do it. Right now Jeremy is fighting a losing war against the many mice who have taken up residence in our home. He keeps leaving out traps, they keep eating the peanut butter and not getting caught. So there is mouse and rat droppings everywhere. And I just can't even.

Of course, the underside of the house is open to the rest of the house so just about anything could move right in. As my Mom keeps reminding me. She's worried a snake will move in. But I kind of wonder if a snake moved in, would that take care of the mice problem? Just trying to look at things optimistically.

(My Mom would most likely like to point out that we would then have a snake problem.)

Now that most of my books are moved over there, I'm itching to get over there too. I'm just hoping the kitchen will magically clean itself.

So that's where we are right now. In between two houses, both of which are a mess. We're moving, and I keep telling the kids, this is the last time we'll ever have to move. Thanks be to the Lord.

The Master Bedroom's Walls

We are slowly making progress on the master bedroom. The master bathroom still looks like a gutted room. But I have to trust Jeremy because this is how he works. He takes forever to figure out how to do something, and then finally does it really quickly.

Goatlings on the Farm

I love having goatlings, they are absolutely the best! They are so cute and sweet, and they frolick everywhere they go.

The Master Bedroom's Ceiling

So while Jeremy has been taking apart the mudroom/bathroom, I've been slowly plugging away at our bedroom. I'm finally on the other side of the messiness, and it's starting to clean up a little. (And then I find one more thing to caulk!)

Bathroom Plans

The fun part of putting in a new bathroom is the decorating. Also, this is stressful. Especially when two people are decorating who have drastically different tastes. I love Jeremy, and he is very, very good at balancing me out, but we do not have the same taste in decor at all.

This is both good for us and hard for us. It teaches us to compromise and well, then we actually have to compromise.